What is facetime App And How To Use It?

what is facetime

What is Facetime?

Facetime app for iPhone is a one of the best videotelephony application of the apple. in other word we are speaking “Video Chat” through this app, people can interact with another person face to face. you can use this app which is designed by Apple on your iPhone device. there is a built-in functionality which Facetime app on every iPhone, Mac and iPod. you can this app wherever you go and stay in touch with your loved one.

There are a many related video calling services such as FB Messanger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Google duo etc. but facetime app is an extraordinary feature via you can one on one calling. that means you can interact in groups. this application is compatible only with Apple devices. e.g if your device is apple and your friend device is android ! then you will not able to contact them through facetime. Facetime app for iPhone which downloads from the iPhone store only.

what is facetime

Apple CEO Steve jobs visited Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2010 and announced the Facetime app. this app was actually run on iPhone 4 at that time. Facetime app is also running on all Mac operating system asked in the media event on the Apple campus.

in 2013, Apple has launched their new feature for Facetime audio calling! yeas you heard correct. you can make the audio call between Apple devices without using your current phone recharge. it’s only required Good internet speed for that. This app would use much bandwidth and produce high internet data, so apple have decided to make some changes and at last, an application is only worked over wifi as well. after that restriction was removed due to some reason.

Features of Facetime – The Apple Application

  • you can make the call to your family or friends through “video call” feature.
  • “voice call” features is also live now on all iPhones and Mac iOS.
  • You can switch from regular call to Facetime call on your Apple device.
  • You can create and set your personal caller ID for facetime app on iPhone & iPad devices.
  • The most reliable feature that you did record a call from the video based Facetime app.

How to Use Facetime App?

First, you should download and then installed on your iPhone device as well. you can use this app in two ways one is video call and second is a voice call.

  • Interact through video: If you want to do video chat that can be simple. Just normally search someone name which you want to call you will see Facetime app icon on your screen if your relative using an iPhone. Just click on it and go through video chat. make sure your internet speed must be prompt. (wifi is better)
  • voice call: If you click on the phone icon in someone’s profile which appears on your screen. then they will ask to dial the number or use Facetime audio call (without the video surface) and you can Interact with your friends same as the cellular call.

Find & Turn on Facetime application on your iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the app on your iPad: Apple gave this app as a default in your listed app on iPhone. Just you have to open the Facetime app and sign in with your Apple ID. you can enable facetime “ON” by going iPhone setting menu. you should add your friends contact details such as Email address or contact number to interact with them.
  2. Open the app on your iPhone: If you want to use Facetime app on your iPhone ! you should go through setting and add your email address Setting Facetime Enter your Apple ID to use Facetime application. these way you can use Facetime app on your iPhone device.


here we have written on what is facetime and how to use it. in case your Facetime app is removed or uninstalled by mistake? you might download and install it manually from iPhone app store. Just ask your queries about this Facetime app in our following comment section. have a good day, readers.

Facetime from Android Phone to iPhone Guideline

facetime from android to iphone

Dear visitors today we are going to discuss on Facetime for Android to iPhone. you can also use Facetime application on your Android device instead of people think that Facetime is only for the iPhone. all friends who are using an Android and iPhone can download Facetime app from that specific store. even Apple provide Facetime built in by default. they don’t need to download by manually. in case lose it can be reinstall from the Apple store. Now Facetime application for android use also available !! Yes definitely. don’t go anywhere to further information about that Just go through our article by scrolling a page.

Looking for Facetime On PC?

If you guys are looking, perhaps downloading Facetime app for Android to iPhone use. then you have reached the correct place. in this article, you will get complete details about Android to iPhone Facetime. You must see them.

FaceTime For Android To iPhone

Nowadays in India a huge class of Apple’s iPhone user same as foreign. but people prefer Android mobile for their regular uses because of not all can afford iPhone right? In this case, Facetime app in Android mobile means too much difficulty. but we will guide you that How to Download Facetime for Android to iPhone in this website. stay tuned and read information on it.

facetime from android to iphone

You and I all know that what is the basic features of Facetime for Android to iPhone app. that can provide Audio calling, video calling, Messaging services. all features are included on one application that is called Facetime. this app is made for only iOs and Mac OS but it will come for sure Android as well in the future.

we have deep research on Facetime for Android to iPhone topic on many websites where people asked the experts that is Facetime app is available for Android mobile? the right answer is No. because it’s iOS app which is developed by Apple. but there you will get totally fake and information. because still, apple company have not launched officially Facetime app for Android mobile yet.

In other platforms I mean except Apple, There are many video/audio calling application is available such as Google hangout, Skype, Tango, Viber et cetera for Android mobile. even you can download it from the Google play store.

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  Features of Facetime Android to iPhone

currently, there is no app like Facetime for android device. but in future, if developers will the announcement to launch Facetime Android to iPhone you will have informed about that in this portal. Just you need to subscribe to our newsletter. if Facetime app for android published on play store then what will there feature? check the features of Android-based Facetime application as below mentioned.

  • You will make Audio call via Facetime Android to iPhone.
  • You can also use the video calling feature in Facetime application.
  • Use emojis, stickers and live photos on their app.
  • block and unblock an unwanted incoming call.
  • If getting any error during the application uses, you can solve it by “Troubleshooting FaceTime” feature.
  • You can share your caller ID to another person.
  • Text messaging feature through you can send a message to your friends & family at free of cost. it’s only required Good Internet speed as well.
  • Android to iPhone Facetime will allow transferring a big file, photos, videos, PDF file etc.