Best Ways of Add Music to iPhone Without iTunes

It is very hard to add music to Your iPhone without iTunes. Specially, Apple is known for its security and there is no loopholes to add anything via data cables or bluetooth that can manipulate the internal core and kernels.

Though Apple is a much appreciated and talked about brand, it has got its roots to strengthen in the mobile market, all because it is easy to handle and is capable of doing many things, but the iPhone users find it a problem when it comes to transferring music without iTunes.

It really becomes very irritating and annoying when you want to transfer your music to anyone’s phone, be it your friends or family, but you are not allowed to do so because iPhone has so many restrictions on doing that.

Sharing your playlists with your friends us very common. If you were an Android user before, you had no issues in transferring music and other files to your friends through any third-party application. But now, when you are the Apple user, you will be faced with restrictions and in doing that. And this could be your mood spoiler. There are some Apple privacy policies which will not allow you to do that.

Add Songs Without iTunes in iPhone

To save you from the situation, today we will be discussing a few methods and steps to solve the problem of adding music to your iPhone without iTunes. But before that, let us understand why transferring music from iTunes is not much advised.

Limitations when you are using iTunes, to add music to your iPhone:

  • When the news songs are added, the old ones are lost. Therefore, resulting in automatic deletion of the songs from your playlist.
  • You can only take music that you have purchased from the iPhone. Any other kind of music file will not get transferred.
  • You face issues in transferring one song at a time.
  • There is a limitation in the number of devices, among which the transferring is possible.

Down below, we will be learning about different methods to add music to your iPhone without iTunes.

Through the Google Play Music

Sign up the Google account. If you have your Gmail or YouTube account, then you already have your Google account.

Download and install the Google Music Manager system for your computers.

Sign in the Google Play Music Manager.

The music manager will show you the locations where your songs are saved.

Select your desired location where you want to scan the file.

If your songs are saved somewhere else, then you are required to click ADD FOLDER and add the folder to scan.

Make a choice, if you want Google music to upload the songs automatically.

Right-click on the music manager icon, wait for the music to upload.

Download the Google Music play application from Google Play on your iPhone.

All your songs will be transferred to your iPhone.

Using Spotify premium

Sign up for the Spotify premium.

Download and install the Spotify premium on your computer.

Click the “FILE” menu in the player, and select “Preferences”.

Click “add sources” to choose the folder you want to transfer to Spotify premium.

Download and install the Spotify application on your iPhone, using Play Store.

Click the “device” menu, and select your iPhone from the list.

Click “sync this device with Spotify”.

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone.

Tap the menu button, and select your music.

Tap the “playlist” option, then select “local files”.

Slide the “available offline” slider on the right top of the screen, to take your music offline.

Through the Dropbox

Sign up for the Dropbox account.

Install the Dropbox in your computer.

Copy the music that you want to add to your iPhone, into this Dropbox folder.

Add Music to iPhone from dropbox

Wait for the music files to upload.

Download the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

Tap onto the song, you want to play.

Mark the songs as the favourite, to get them available offline.

Through the MediaMonkey

Download and install the MediaMonkey.

Download the basic iTunes services that you will be needing.

Download the iTunes Installer from

Rename the iTunesSetup.exe to

Double click the zip file to open it, and drag it to your desktop.

Double click the file on your desktop, to install the connection services.

Download and install QuickTime from Windows.

In case, you are using iTunes, open it to adjust some settings. (If you do not use iTunes, skip this step)

Open MediaMonkey while your iPhone is still connected.

Select the device (iPhone) in the left menu.

Tap onto the “Auto-sync” tab.

Click the “Options” tab.

Add your desired music files to MediaMonkey library.

Sync the file to your iPhone.

Using the WhatsApp

Download the app in your phones.

Start a chat with yourself.

Allow the WhatsApp to backup to your camera roll.

Open computers.

Download the music and songs that you want to transfer on your iPhone.

Open the WhatsApp web in your computers.

Send yourself the desired song, as an attachment.

Open your iPhone’s WhatsApp.

Tap the video or sound to save it.

Through E-mail

Download the music video to your computers.

E-mail yourself, the music files.

Get into your iPhone inbox, download the music video to your iPhone.

Save it to the camera roll.

Apart from the above-mentioned, most used methods, you can also try another reliable and easy way to add songs to iPhone without iTunes. You can try Amazon music application which you can install it from your iOS app Store. Once your songs are downloaded, they are instantly uploaded to the Amazon Cloud, where they can be played through the Amazon Cloud Player app. They work perfectly, even when offline.

Final Words

Apple is an amazing product but the users are simply upset with its reliance upon the iTunes for syncing music files. It has got so many restrictions in that matter. People are searching for a solution to the question of how to add music to your iPhone without iTunes without jailbreak. So, with the above-mentioned methods, you can easily transfer your music to your iPhone without iTunes.

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