These days, there are a wide range of mediums and sources available you can use to have the desired entertainment. Whether it is about catching up the latest movies or the television shows, the home entertainment is not a complicated concept now.

You can download DirecTV App for free from Play Store and App Store, but there is no official version of DirecTV App for PC, but you don’t have to worry.
In the rest of the article here, I will show you three different methods that will help you to download and install DirecTV App on windows. and DirecTV App for mac.

Today, people prefer to watch movies, TV shows, and other similar things on their personal gadgets. Such a reliable app that can help you to do the same is the Directv app. At the present moment, Directv app has turn out to be a terrific alternative for watching movies and TV shows.

Screenshot Image

First and foremost, you need to know about the Rakib Hosssain who has developed the DirecTV player app. it will be possible for the uses of this app to watch live TV programs and record them.

As a user, you do not need any additional equipment to get the desired entertainment through this app. In fact, you can schedule your recordings on your DVR to watch the TV shows as per your own schedule.

As a consumer, you must be known with the features of this app before you get it on your device. It permits users to watch their favorite on demand shows and live TV anywhere and anytime they want.

With this special app, it is possible to stream the desired content on up to five devices at the same time. With AT&T wireless2, you will be streaming with no hidden charges or data overage.

Most importantly, you can pick the desired shows and movies from 45000+ shows and movies.

If you do not want to use your data to stream movies and shows on your devices, then you must use this Directv app. Furthermore, you can watch the exclusive releases from some popular channels you have subscribed anytime you want.

Whether it is about watching online films or TV shows on the web streaming websites, this app will become a very handy option for you. It can help you to get the mobile TV show streaming apps as well as HD film streaming apps cellular, and that’s how it can give you the real enjoyment.

By just having a fast internet connection, it is possible for you to stream your favourite videos, TV shows, and movies on your digital gadgets like a pro. It will be easier for you to signal into the DirecTV account in order to watch the content on your PC or laptop from the website of premium channels. As mentioned earlier, it helps you to watch any live channel on your connected gadget through the internet connection.

In terms of the controls, it is possible for users to rewind, pause, and play any program by using their mobile device. By using the advanced voice search option, you can find the exact thing you are seeking for. Parental controls are also available for the users of this app to ensure what your children are watching.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to download the Directv App for Windows. Before you install this app, you must know the main features of highlights of this app.

Features of the Directv app for PC :-

Screenshot Image
It permits users to watch their favorite shows and movies on-demand and live. Streaming is possible anytime and anywhere Download and stream home DVR recording to your gadgets Acquire shows from your television on your gadget Record the movies and TV shows smartly Very flexible to use Change the video quality as per the connection speed A commendable search option to find your favorite shows easily

Download Directv app for pc with simple methods :-

Before you start the installation procedure, ensure that you have a working system with an active internet connection on it. Once you ensure the same thing, you can chase down the below listed steps one by one to have this app on your computer:

System requirements DirecTV app for pc :-

Before you move to the download and installation procedure, you must know the PC requirements. As a user, you must have Windows 10, 8, or 7. In addition to the windows, it is very important to have Firefox, Mozilla, for Internet Explorer like web browsers.

The latest version of the Google Chrome web browser is also so good to you.

Download via an Android emulator for Windows 10, 8 & 7 :-

By following the things that open on your screen, you can complete the installation process. Once you follow the screen directives correctly, the emulator app will be installed on your device successfully. After installing the Android Emulator app, you have to open it and visit its search bar. After finding the search for option, you can use DIRECTV keyword in the search section and press find. You will definitely get the directory app icon through the search results. There will be a window of DIRECTV app on the app store you have to open. From here now, you can click on download and installation button to complete the procedure.
Screenshot Image

If you will follow the mentioned above steps one by one carefully, you will be able to download and install the Direct TV app on your PC in a short amount of time.

In order to schedule the recording, you only need to have a Wi-Fi or any other mobile connection along with the direct plus DVR and HD DVR.

Conclusion :- Now, you might have become familiar with all important details about the Directv app. in easy words, you have become familiar with the basic things and features of this app through the mentioned above paragraphs. In addition, you have determined the best installation method/ with this smart and advanced app, you can and sure having the best home entertainment. Now, you can take a little bit more time to determine whether you should have this app or not.

How to Use Snipping Tool for Chromebook

Is there a Snipping Tool for Chromebook? This is a question that people often ask. Actually, the answer is yes. In this article, I want to show you how to install and use Snipping Tool on Chromebooks including ChromeOS devices such as the Acer C720P, ASUS Chromebox 3, and Lenovo N20p.

Before we get started, I have to tell you that Snipping Tool for Chromebook is not the official Snipping Tool from Windows. It was built on its own and it works in a way different than the original Snipping Tool for desktop.

Snipping Tool for Chromebook is developed by Google’s open-source project Chromium OS and released as an app on Chrome Web Store.

The main difference between this tool and a regular one is that it can only take screenshots of a single window or part of a window. You can use it only to take a full-screen screenshot.

But if you need to take screenshots of multiple windows or whole desktop at once, or maybe edit screenshots and save them, then this tool is not for you. You don’t even need this app if you’re on Chrome OS. The regular Snipping Tool for ChromeOS is there and free as well.

How to download and install the Snipping Tool for Chromebook

In order to take screenshots with this app, you need to have a Chromebook with Chrome OS version 44 or later. Below is the reason why it’s version 44 and not an earlier one.

After getting your device, do a few things first. First, you need to install the Chrome browser from here . Then complete the installation and sign in with your Google account.

Next is enabling developer mode on your Chromebook.
To enable developer mode, you need to type the following command and hit Enter.


it will look like the following image.

snipping tool chromebook

If you need to know more about developer mode, this is a really good article for you. You can also search Google for more information.

Well, it’s time to install the snipping tool app on your Chromebook. First, visit this link and download it from there. Save the file somewhere on your device and make sure you don’t put save as in front of it.

Then you need to double-click the downloaded file and go through the installation process. Here is the important part. You need to accept an option that allows you to install apps from other sources apart from Google’s Chrome Web Store.

So, once you press Install, your device will start downloading the app from here instead of from Chrome Web Store. Don’t worry about this; it’s perfectly safe and secure because you already agreed to it.

Partial Screenshot on chrome OS

Select control and then that button and then as you can see right here a screenshot was taken and the full screen shot is available we can open it.

Other Method:

Step 1 Press Ctrl + Shift + show all windows symbol on your keyboard.

Step 2 Then drag your cursor over the area of the screen you want to capture.

This is it. i hope you guys like the tutorial. please share it with your friends.

Do We Need To Charge Apple Airtags? Brief introduction

Ever wanted to know the best way to unify your connected devices? Apple AirTags can power just that. Read this article and find out more about these little stickers that connect, secure, and protect all of your devices.

AirTags AirTags Unite the Internet of Things If you’ve ever wished for a way to manage all your devices and keep them securely connected everywhere you go, Apple AirTags are exactly what you’re looking for.

Yes, these tiny little stickers are more than just a lifesaver for your devices – they’re small pieces of magic that enable the Internet of Things .

Apple’s new security feature keeps your devices safe at home and when you’re on the go.

AirTags are small stickers that can be placed on any of your devices, and they protect your devices by powering a secure network connection. And no, they don’t need batteries to work – they’re able to create an encrypted connection between your devices. What makes them even more amazing is that they can be applied to pretty much any device, including iOS and Mac devices, HomeKit-enabled products, and Apple TVs. That means that your entire home can operate as easily as one network.

do we need to charge apple airtags?

AirTags don’t require any charging or batteries and they don’t need to be connected to your device in any way. They simply create a secure wireless connection to the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, powering the secure network connection that you need for your devices to communicate.

How does Apple AirTags work?

apple airtag

Apple AirTags use an encrypted connection between your devices in order to power a secure network connection for all of them. The stickers are actually tiny little devices that connect to your devices via Bluetooth. Once you place the sticker on your device, it creates a secure network between your devices and makes communication between them seamless.

The stickers use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in order to create a secure connection with your other devices. BLE is nice because it doesn’t require any cables and it works from up to 120 feet away from your other device – just like how Apple Watch works without being charged.

What’s great is that these devices can be placed on pretty much any device, including iOS products, HomeKit-enabled accessories, and Apple TVs. So even if you already have an alarm system in your home, you can still use these stickers on your smart home devices.

Apple AirTags work with Apple TV and they’re even compatible with the new Apple TV 4K.

How To Download and Install Minecraft for Chromebook?

It is definite that Chromebook is not ideal for Minecraft as it does not have an application for Minecraft that is written in Java. Even though the Chromebook laptops may not suit the best with them but certainly the producers are able to give you this facility to some extent if you want to have Minecraft for Chromebook.  

In case you are a very big fan of Minecraft and tinker might be a problem for you that Chromebook is definitely not built for you at all.  On the other hand, you have no problem with tinker, for once you can try your hands-on Minecraft in Chromebook. 

Developer mode and Linux version:

minecraft for chromebook

If you go on the Mojang website they have clearly described that Chromebook is not compatible with Minecraft and even after that you want to play the game on Chromebook than you have to shift to the developer mode and also you will have to download the Linux version to continue. Do remember that when you download a Linux desktop version you all most destroy the purpose of Chromebook because their basic nature is to work alone. Also having two systems, one Linux and other Chromebook can make things a bit complex for you. learn how to install imovies on chromebook.

On the other hand, if you are a permanent who is ready to experiment and like to mess with your computer and tweak is not at all the problem with you then you will definitely enjoy this pattern. As you have access to both Chrome OS and also to the default basic Linux system, therefore you can easily switch between the two systems, and enjoy ever you like. To install the Linux system first you have to keep the laptop on the developer mode and then download the Linux from Crouton.

How to Download Minecraft on Chromebook

It would take you less than five have Minecraft on Chromebook on your laptop. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. You need to enable the Linux system:

The first step for you would be to have the Linux system in your laptop, that can be done by the way mentioned above and you have to enable that system, so that can be done through your settings. In would be available somewhere below your play store settings.  

If you are doing this process for the first time that the Chromebook would take a bit of time to install everything on its system.  If you are q second-time using it would be quick. 

Once you have done this you can open the terminal that you will find among your apps. see this guideline.

  1. Black screen:

If your terminal shows you a black screen then there is no need to worry at all about it at all, if you follow the steps mentioned below everything will be sorted out. 

  1. Your first step should be set the time zone. To perform the same, you need to type the text below and click enter. 

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

  1. The next step should be to update your system, for this again you need to type the text mentioned below and press enter.  

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

  1. Your third step consists of typing the following text and install the appropriate file by pressing enter. 

sudo apt-get install apt-file

  1. In the fourth step type ‘sudo apt-file update’.  By doing this, you will be able to upload the desired file by pressing enter. 
  2. The final step would be to install the java-8-JDK, for this use the text ‘sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk’ and press enter. 
  3. Download Minecraft for Chromebook

After performing all the steps that are mentioned above, this is the most important thing that has to be done. Now you need to download the Minecraft app.  For doing so you need to make use of Linux or Debian where you can find it as Minecraft.deb.

  1. Placing files in Linux

Once your file has been downloaded make sure that your files are placed under the Linux files, that you find under the play store file. Once you see that your files are placed in the specified place now you can easily make use of them.  Click at the desired file, make sure it is a right-click, then you will have an option to install with Linux. 

  1. After installing:

Once you have installed the Linux file you will be able to see the desired app along with the other apps.  It would carry a weird logo of a penguin; you will not be able to change it but now you can launch Minecraft and its ready to be used. 

You can also run Minecraft through Android Runtime:

We discussed above that Linux might be the only option for you to run the Minecraft on the Chromebook.  But it is not true to much extent as Google is trying to develop an Android runtime for Chrome that might allow Android app to run on Chrome OS. Not to disappoint you but the Android runtime can only help you with a very small number of apps. Cutting short this problem and taking this opportunity the Chromebook has developed a new runtime that you allow these options to some extent. 

Also, you will find the Minecraft for Chromebook in the pocket edition of this runtime by Chromebook.  

It is estimated that this develop with time to an advanced level and definitely, it would gain more compatibility for Minecraft in Chromebook. There might be a possibility that we even have a package Minecraft’s Android app in future that is made by Chromebook along with the Minecraft developers. So, let’s wait for the updates. 

Some final Words

Definitely playing Minecraft for Chromebook is not that a marvellous experience but it absolutely not that bad for anyone.  Also, different versions of Chromebook have different compatibility levels with the Minecraft. I hope that now you understand how easy it is for one to download a Minecraft for Chromebook, it just depends on how would you be able to manage the two systems well together. 

How to get Netflix app for Chromebook

Netflix is considered as one of the top-rated online streaming services that allow its users to watch unlimited movies and web series on any of your internet device. Netflix is the new face of emerging entertainment media. This application enables you several options to watch blockbuster movies by filtering your preferences based upon the genres, directors, movie title or actors into the search box. Netflix is an easy to use platform which is available for all the users. Also, they just have to pay a nominal subscription fee to enjoy the streaming service over different platforms such as IOS, Android, Roku, Windows, Fire Stick and many more.

In this article, we will have a brief overview about how to use Netflix App for Chromebook and how convenient you can watch Netflix on the Chromebook using different mediums like Fire Stick, Chrome Browser or android application.

All about Chrome OS:

Chrome OS is a high definition operating system which is exclusively designed by Google in the year 2011. All the web applications are stored in the cloud and its user interface is the Chrome browser. It is most suitable for those users who are spending most of their time over the internet. You can try Google Chrome for a few days and get a closer look at its functioning and alternative features.

Netflix Application For Chromebook

The process of installing Netflix media over the Chromebook is quite simple. You can either download this high definition application from the Google Play Store or you can easily browse it over the Google Chrome. Netflix App for Chromebook is supported by all the regions and enables audios and subtitles in different languages depending upon the needs and preferences of the users. Not only this, it offers resolution up to 1080p on the Chrome browser and 480p on the Netflix application from the Play store.

How to Update Netflix On Google Chromebook

In case your Chromebook is of early generation and does not provide for easy installation of Netflix upon your device, then you need to update your Google Chromebook by following some simple steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open the wrench icon on the top of your screen.
  2. Now, go to about Google Chrome.
  3. Then select the option of check the updates.
  4. Choose any of the available update options and simply download it.

After updating your Chromebook, you are free to open the Netflix application and log in to your Netflix account and enjoy the streaming of hundreds of entertainment movies on any of your internet device.

How to use Netflix on Chromebook using Android Application

This method involves watching Netflix TV shows as well as Hollywood movies by downloading its original application from the Google Play Store. Moreover, all of the Chromebook devices have the ability to live to stream the Netflix movies by downloading the Netflix App for Chromebook from the Play Store.

Now let’s have a look at some of the essential steps which are required for enabling the Google Play support and uninterrupted streaming of Netflix shows over the Chromebook.

  1. You need to navigate to your settings and click on about Chrome OS to enable the Google Play Store Support.
  2. Then, select more information and go to the channel settings to change the channel from Beta to Beta Chrome OS which will help you to in the easy installation on the Chromebook.
  3. Now, restart the Chromebook and go to the settings. Agree to all the Google Play Store set up and sign up your credentials. Also, log in your Google account details and your Google Play Sore Support is enabled.
  4. Click on the Google Play Store and go to the search bar. Open Netflix original Application and select install to download the Netflix app for Chromebook on your android device.
  5. For efficient functioning of the Netflix application, you have to create a Netflix the account which requires all of your details like name, email, contact number, payment mechanism and many more.
  6. Then, you need to select the most appropriate subscription package and make the payment for the same. Also, skip this step-in case you have already purchased a package on Netflix.
  7. That’s all. Enjoy streaming your favorite live Netflix episodes without any interruption.
How to use Netflix App for Chromebook using Google Chrome Browser

It is regarded as one of the most compatible means of using Netflix over any kind of Chromebook models as it does not require any kind of Google Play Support enabling and also it is available for a bigger screen revolution which enhances the user visibility and lives streaming experience.

Given below are some of the steps through which you can use Netflix app for Chromebook using he chrome browser.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and type Netflix in the search bar.
  2. Now visit the official website of the Netflix and fill in your details in the sign in icon.
  3. Also, click on sign up now and log in all of your credentials to create your Netflix account.
  4. Select a subscription package and make the payment for the same. After making the payment you are free to enjoy all of your favorite Netflix movies live online.

Some Final Words

Thus, the Netflix App for Chromebook is accessible all over the world. Even though some countries might have licensing restrictions in their countries for the usage of Netflix still it is the single most fastest growing live stream platform over the internet. Users are free to use Firestick in case of any interruption. Also, the steps mentioned above provides guidelines for the new users so that they can stream Netflix on Google Chromebook without any hassle. Netflix usage over the Android application enables more flexibility to the users whereas Netflix media on Google Chrome browser provides a better display. Also, you can contact the official website of Netflix in case of any queries or grievances on their part. checkout photoshop for chromebook.