Faceapp For PC Download | Face Editing App For PC

Faceapp For PC is the artificial intelligent application for windows computer which leads you to edit your image, photo and selfies through various way. 

Faceapp for windows will help you to edit and create face image 60 years older. faceapp is on the trend again. people are looking to get faceapp on windows 10 which is really great app to have fun with your face with the help of artificial intelligence.

Faceapp For PC Windows Download

If you’re living under the ancient cage then you would not aware of this app. Internet is breaking down right now with the faceapp filters and image modifications. Faceapp is also available on windows platform such as windows 10, 8 and windows 7. 

faceapp for pc

Faceapp For Windows PC Download 

As you guys all know Faceapp for pc is AI Based Photo editing app. Faceapp on windows will help you to do it the same. Faceapp will also help you to look younger, old, black, white etc. 

You can also use Faceapp Pro APK For Android check your old age or younger look.

  • Here is faceapp features that should be noted. 
  • Normal to Smile Face
  • Change Hair Style
  • Meet Your Future Self
  • Look Younger

FaceApp is being developed by a small team out of Saint-Petersburg Located in Russia. The app creators claim it will transform your face using artificial intelligence, allowing selfie-takers to alter their photos to look old or young themselves. The app uses neural networks to try to keep the results photo-realistic. 

How to use Faceapp on Windows PC

Installing Bluestacks on your Windows PC is very simple, just download the file from its website or from filehippo and run the installer and you’ll now have the emulator installed.

Go through the setup process and link the Bluestacks application to your Google account which you will need when setting up any Android device.  It should be super easy and user friendly. Once setup is complete, go to the Play Store and download Faceapp. 

To use Faceapp for pc, you’ll need a camera on your windows computer or laptop. However, you won’t be able to edit or change someone’s image on pc like celebrities or readymade images. Do bear in mind that a computer without a camera will prompt you with multiple errors, but if you continuously click ‘Cancel’, you won’t be able to use it.


I hope our guide on how to download faceapp for pc will help you out. You can install and use facetime on PC with this method.


Faceapp Pro APK Download [Latest Version – Trending]

Faceapp Pro APK Download: Faceapp is latest app for face editing and redesigning. Faceapp application has multiple filters and faceapp pro app have really cool filters as well. 

Faceapp was initially released on 2017 and it went viral as well. FaceApp is an android and ios application that creates artificial transformations of faces using various filters and features using artificial intelligence.

FaceApp Pro APK 2019 for Free

It was initially started by few twitter users about posting artificially old face through app which is known as facepp. Many followers then posted celebrities and their mentor’s images on social media such as instagram, facebook and twitter itself. Faceapp Pro apk for android is trending because of this reason.

FaceApp is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered application that transforms face image or camera image into multiple filters such as old wrinkled face, man to woman face, woman to man face, etc. 

Thousands of Users are now looking to download faceapp pro apk though various search engines. 

we are here to provide you faceapp latest version apk free for use. please share our website to your friends in order to get the APK files. 


faceapp pro apk

Faceapp PRO APK Download AI Face Editor

internet was stromed out previously by snapchat baby filters and now this cool AI powered Faceapp. Using Image which has face, this app can create a lot of things with that image.

You can also use Faceapp for PC without paying anything.

FaceApp is a free app that can be downloaded to your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Currently there are 21 free filters in the basic free version. The Pro version includes 28 filters that can change your style completely with just one tap. You should not miss this pro version. 

The app’s free version includes ads along the bottom of the screen. the paid version removes the ads but has no additional features. You can read about how the app uses and stores information in its privacy policy.

  • OLD Look (60 Years Plus)
  • Boy to Girl transformation 
  • Girl to Boy Transformation
  • Long hairs to short hairs
  • Short hairs to long hairs
  • Face Colour Change

What you’ll get on Faceapp Pro for Android

  • High-speed app result or high-speed evaluation
  • Allow you to create collage from images
  • Re-touch feature with AI super power to remove wrinkles on face
  • Insert two distinct grin modes to pictures
  • Faceapp pro apk allow you to change multiple background
  • Allow you to create younger face


Hope you have no doubt about how to download Faceapp Pro For Android. This faceapp pro apk is free to use on your Android device.

Facetime For Chromebook 2021 APP Download

If you want to use Facetime on your Chromebook then read our today’s article carefully. You are about to read this article on FaceTime for Chromebook Download here. We will give you step by step Download procedure for Facetime Chromebook and also give you a list of features of Facetime on Chromebook. We have also covered the best group video calling apps for chromebook.

Facetime app specially designed for iOS user but due to increasing demands, the Facetime app can be used on Chromebook. Nowadays we can use Facetime application for Chromebook with the help of an android emulator. In the below screen we give you some easy guide procedure for download Facetime for Chromebook.

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It establishes the connection between one or more people. Even you may know that it is for the iOS device only, how is it possible for Chromebook or not? In this article, we will discuss the Facetime for Chromebook. People used telegrams and postcards in earlier times, which were replaced by telephone, while in place of the telephone, they have been replaced by wireless networking.

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We can connect with anyone around the world with a single tap in our Chromebook. The Facetime app used for video Chatting with your family members, Companion, and friends. In the US country, people use iOS-based Operating System whereas in the India people use the Windows-based operating system for their daily usage, If you are one of them, then you must have to know how to use Facetime on Chromebook.

facetime chromebook

Facetime for Chromebook Download

Facetime application developed by AppleInc.Now a days Facetime supported for many more Windows Operation system such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows10.

Now Apple designed Facetime for Windows PC for Video chatting and you all connect with each other by using this app. In the India, rare people use an iOS Operation system in their daily usage.Most of people use Android and Windows Operation system based devices in the country of India.

There is no way to use Facetime on Chromebook, its used in Apple iOS Based devices. In this article we will guide you with all the steps with all the details regarding How to Download and Install or Run Facetime for Chromebook.

Facetime is fabulous app for Audio call, Video call and text messaging. The App was designed for the iOS devices but it also designed for Chromebook and that is good news for all chrome user. One question arise in our mind is that the Facetime is available for Chromebook or not? The answer is No, Facetime is not available for Chromebook.

Facetime is Apple product so that cant run on Chromebook. The Chromebook is different, giving you the convenience and convenience of the tablet, where Linux-based Google Chrome OS operates in place of Chromebook, Mac or Windows.

Chromebooks are designed to be used with the internet and all your data and documents are stored in the cloud, so Chrome user can connect to the Internet with a Chromebook and access your files from anywhere. With Chromebook, if the user want to make a video call, they can use Skype, Viber, Facebook Messanger, Google Hangouts.

Facetime on Chromebook

The Facetime app designed for iOS and Macintosh devices. Facetime works on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. Still, Facetime is not designed for Android and Windows devices. But therefore you want to use Facetime on Chromebook then we give you some legal methods.

There is no app to support Chromebooks but the good thing is that FaceTime is simply a video calling application and there are other options that are as good as FaceTime app.

Best alternatives of Facetime is Google Hangouts app is a very good option for Facetime to create video calls on Chromebook.

Also, you can use Skype on a PC to use Facetime on Chromebook. but Google Hangouts works great for Facetime for Chromebook. Most of Google’s app do not support Chromebook because it is Google’s tool if it is good for security.

Chromebook users are limited to use Google apps and are not able to enjoy other services because they have a Mac iOS or a Windows operating system. Google is currently planning to make Chromebooks compatible with all the apps. Chromebook will become the best budget option for the Windows operating system and Mac iOS-based laptops. Facetime alternatives Facebook Video chat supports WebRTC, so you don’t need to download any plugins. You have to click on your camera and microphone only to start the chat access, it is especially helpful on Chromebook. It is also useful on any computer which has installed Chrome.

Facetime For Chromebook Alternatives

The Facetime especially used for video chatting on Apple’s product like iPad, iPod, Mac Laptops. Apple released the Video chatting application named as Facetime for Mac iOS in 2011. By using Facetime Apple’s users can make video calls between iOS and Mac OS. This is the advanced application and high product of Apple. Facetime video calling technology lets you share faces of people at both ends with the front camera while making calls. For doing Facetime all you need is a good internet connection and you are good to connect with friends, family and relatives in video chat no matter how far away they are.

Facetime is just a video calling app. Most of the 3rd party do not support Facetime for Chromebook. because it is Google’s device. Chromebooks are very affordable and ultra-portable, people hesitate to switch over to it due to the shortcomings.

facetime on chromebook

In the below screen we give you some famous alternatives to Facetime On Chromebook. You can find the list of best video calling apps for chromebook.

Skype: Skype is an instant messaging app. Skype provides a facility like Text messages and Video calling. By using Skype you can do Video calling and Audio Calling with HD quality. Without any type of hassle, you can do a Video call to another person.

Google Hangouts: It is the product of Google. You can make a video call and video conference with multiple people by using Google Hangouts. It is available on Chromeboook. With Hangouts, you can send or receive messages. With Hangouts, you can share photos and files.

Pickapp: It allows you to make video and audio call with high security. With Pickapp, you can call your chrome friends anytime and while your chrome is running you can receive calls.

VideoMeeting: It is a free and open source. With VideoMeeting you can do Video call and Video Conference using Chromebook. It supports WebRTC.appear.in : With appear.in you can do Video call with up to 8 people in your chromebook without download or login. With appera.in just name your channel and you are on. it also works on mobile.

Blitzz: It is a video powered, enterprise field service platform. That quickly becomes the smart, system of record for all collaborative events between field techs.

Mixsii: With Mixsii, you can do video chat with friends, relatives and family member with HD quality. Also, you can do Group calls on chromebook with Mixsii. No download requires for Mixsii on chromebook.

SafeSwiss: It is the world’s most effective end to end encryption security solution including P2P Voice, ephemeral text chat, docs share & group chat for mobile phone.

DerButton: It acts as your personal digital assistant with scheduling, video calls or offline meetings and payments all in one button. With DerButton we make appointments made easy.

FireRTC: It is the easiest way to call from your Chromebook for free. FireRTC allows you to change your caller ID and make 100 free calls within the United States, and unlimited.

In short, you can not be used Facetime for Chromebook.

Sorry, But we have bad news, The Facetime Video chatting app is still not launching for the Chromebook, Don’t be sad. Please Do not download any APK file with claims. If anyone have any type of hassle regarding our article then contact us. If you like our content Facetime on Chromebook then like it and do comment in mentioned comment box. Thank You for Reading our today’s article carefully. We’ll be back with more updates regarding How to install or Run Facetime on Chromebook soon.

How To Facetime From Apple Watch Tutorial

can you facetime on Apple watch? The answer is ‘Yes’. As we all know Apple has been taking technology high. So now the Apple iWatches are super exciting which is as efficient as the smartphones in your pocket. Its a new feature on the iWatch is the FaceTime which enables to make audio calling through the iWatch.

Facetime From iWatch

In modernization and technological development, the world is running miles creating smiles in your face in the means of their beneficiaries. And Apple in that way has been constantly giving excelled features to experience life in all better ways. Here in this article we are look up on one other super exciting feature of Apple on their watches, the FaceTime Audio Calling application. Hope this one be an informative one to you.


In the Apple Watch Series 2, there is no sign of camera that the brand lacks in its product, and there is also no surety from the company in including camera feature in the future also. Yet it is still possible to take videos and photograph through the camera-equipped band that adds special to the features of the iWatch.

The creative team had included dual camera feature in the CMRA band that comes in black, white, grey and blue colors having 2megapixcel in the front camera enabling FaceTime and for taking videos and selfies, while the back camera has 8megapixcel facing out, this can be accessed without the help of your iPhone.

facetime for apple watch Guideline

The 8GB build-in storage that can be used by Apple Watch as a viewfinder, which can also be proceeded to capture photos and videos using band’s shutter even when your Apple Watch is out of batter or even when its off. The charging dock is designed in manner that the same would your iPhone as well as the CMRA band concurrently, where you don’t have to carry different chargers for your phone and watch separately.

You need to glide watch OS app to conduct video calls with CMRA to boost the software offerings. To share the photos and videos instantly on social media, you just have to pair the band with your watch, and for live streaming you should have the latest watchOS 3 and iOS 10.

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When there is something good there are bad sides also. In that way, the company fears in adding new hardware features that would affect the battery life. When the cellular connectivity was added to Apple, it emptied the battery entirely.

For this the party manufacturers bridge the gap. They made compatible bands performing all the additional functions without affecting the battery making the Apple watch more customized.

And for more feature and functions, the price also adds up accordingly.to save money, the latest version OS 2 has added audio features in the Apple wristwatch.

Here lets now look at how the Audio call works on the Apple watch on FaceTime.


In the previous iOS the owner can only access the call option like dial the number from the regular cellular phone calls via the signal obtained from the paired iPhone. But in WatchOS 2 initiates the users to access FaceTime audio calls, where the watch can get connected to the same Apple ID user on the iOS companion to access the FaceTime Service.

See: Facetime Chromebook

In this watch, iMessages are available as primary watchOS generation. As the watch is not yet equipped with camera features, only FaceTime audio call has been access in the watch.

Its easy to answer Face call as it is as simple as answering a regular call where you have to only initiate the VoIP call via Apple’s revolutionary service.

Down we have three alternative methods for dialing FaceTime audio call on Apple watches. Look on them to have easy access to make the calls through iWatches.


Its easy to make audio call through Apple watch over IP within 5 simple steps that helps while driving and when you forgot your phone .

Step 1: open the Friend’s Carousel by pressing the Side button
Step 2: from the digital crown, select the desired contact. watchOS 2 has multiple Friend’s page option where you have to slide to the next screen to reach the desired contact.
Step 3: tap on the initials of your friends names or the photo after choosing it the the Digital crown
Step 4: the call button is available in the bottom left corner
Step 5: choose FaceTime Audio and wait until the call gets connected with the desired contact

*Ask Siri

Make a quick movement of the wrist or flick and speak out “HEY SIRI FACE TIME CALL TO [CONTACT]” , Siri will initiate the call instantly.

1. When you say “HEY SIRI” Or by tapping on the SIRI widget or by pressing and holding DIGITAL CROWN on the watch face, the list opens.
2. Say “FaceTime [name of the contact]
3. And after speaking, tap on the image with Red icon on the watch’s face.

*From Messages

To make calls while reading the message of someone in the Apple iWatch, follow the steps below.

1. Push down the DIGITAL CROWN on the watch.
2. Tap in the MESSAGE ICON.
3. Feature the pers0n whom you wanted to call by finding an active thread and tap on it.
4. FORCE TOUCH the watch’s display.
5. DETAILS ICON- tap on it.
6. Next tap on the PHONE ICON.
7. Choose FACETIME AUDIO, in the next screen.

After the call is done, press on the RED PHONE ICON to end the call.


Just follow the 2simple steps to Answer a FaceTime Audio call though Apple iWatch

1. Simply as attending the usual calls, just Tap on the GREEN PHONE ICON to answer.
2. To end the call you just have to Top on the RED PHONE ICON, as usual.


You have to remember few points that are mandatory for making AUDIO CALLING on APPLE iWATCH. Do follow them up to complete your task in ease.

 Its possible to make FaceTime Audio calling to the one who owns an Apple Device like iPhone, iPad, apple Watch, Mac only with FaceTime set up.
 You have to fine a quite place when making a FaceTime Audio call on a Apple Watch. Despite the voice features have been enhanced in each model in accordance to their upgradation, its advisable to find a quite place as the voice reach is not as good as in normal calls on iPhone.


Along with the WatchOS 5, Apple has introduced WALKIE TALKIE feature on the watches. When you don’t make traditional calls to someone but when you wish to, this would be of a grate help. And one should also remember that, the person on the other side should also have installed WatchOS 5 with active Walkie Talkie feature in their to make the call possible.


A new app that lets you to send and receive quick voice message with your friends and family, is been benefited by Walkie Talkie feature. Its feature are really surprising and would interest you. It enables to record and send quick messages to your friends in instant. When you initiate Walkie Talkie chat, that will give you a push to talk experience instead of a Full Duplex audio call.


1. When you and your friend agrees to become Walkie talkie friends, one should start it by initiating, and the other should agree to be their pal.
2. Open Walkie-Talkie, tap on the button to start by sending a message and wait until the walkie talkie session processes which will be done within few seconds.
3. Oat once the call is been connected your friend will receive a chime and the message will be sent.
4. To reply, they can just tap on button on the face of the watch.
5. The reply will also reach instantly, and you can also just tap the button to reply them.

And to stop the call, there is nothing to be done. The call ends once both stop sending notes to each other.

Through the Walkie Talkie , it is instantaneous to send and receive messages as sooner as possible when both the devices are upgraded to WatchOS 5 and active walkie talkie feature.


We saw how the FaceTime Audio calling is done on iWatches. This faceTime audio Calling is on good feature that add to the best of the features list of the Apple and their creative teams have been trying to benefit their customers with the best. In that means, its advisable to follow the steps and procedures as mentioned to work on ease and get benefited and more satisfied.

Hope this article benefited you. And to note this content is only for educational and informative purpose. And in no way we are promoting the brand nor its beneficial to us.

Facetime Activation Error Solution

Fix Facetime Activation Error: Facetime is a pre-launched application on any of the iOS devices. It is a very handy app and is very useful. One could use it in many ways. Before you start using this application, you need to get an activation message. If you have not received any confirmation yet, then you need to get it, in order to use the application.

The process of fixing facetime waiting for activation error in an iPhone or any other ios device is easy, but those who do not have any setting before in their iPhone may face a little difficulty. However, we have discussed each and every step in this section which will help the users a lot in doing the settings.

Facetime Waiting For Activation Error Solution

check the restrictions settings

One thing that each iPhone user should keep in their mind is that there could be a lot of reasons because of which their phone is witnessing this facetime activation error on their phone. So, in order to get it fixed, we have to try a lot of things. If you are among all those people who need to face this issue, first go and check the restrictions settings of your phone. For this, you need to open your settings. Under this section search for general and there you will find restrictions. You need to disable restrictions. Once you have disabled restrictions, another menu will pop up. Now, in this list, you need to turn on the Facetime. In order to do so, you will have to go to the allowed apps. There you could do the setting.

Reboot your iPhone

The previous point is just one way to get rid of the Facetime activation error. There are other alternatives to this too. For example, one could try hard rebooting their phone in order to get rid of this problem. As we all know, be it any kind of electronic devices, rebooting it fixes a lot of things. If it is an android phone or a tablet or a laptop, you could reboot them to get rid of certain issues. In this case, hold the power and the home button of your iPhone together and do not leave it till the screen turns blank. Once that is done, power on your phone and your hard reboot are done. The phone will be restarted. According to experts, this could help you in fixing issues related to WiFi, network and the Facetime activation too.

Sign Out From Apple ID

Another alternative that we are going to talk about is something we are not sure about, but if you are lucky, this could work. This is the method of signing out and in into your Apple ID within the Facetime on your device. This is known to be a very effective method if it turns well.  You do not have to do much, just log out of your Apple ID and then sign in again. This may fix the problem. However, this may create some other problems too.

Reset The Network Settings

After all the steps that are written above, if your facetime activation problem is not fixing up, you need to try this alternative. We are talking about the WiFi settings. Now, there are times when there is an issue with the network and that are causing issues with the Facetime activation too. To set your WiFi, you need to go to the settings first. After that, move to the general category. Once that is done, go to reset. There you will get a lot of options. You need to go to network settings. After entering this phase, your iPhone will automatically start rebooting it. Once the reboot is done and the phone turns on, you will see that the activation problem has gone. This could be confirmed when you receive a message regarding it.

Add your Phone Number

You won’t believe, but your phone number too matters a lot when it comes to activating your facetime on iPhone. In the settings, there is an option of My number. You have to enter the correct number there. To set the correct number, you need to go to the settings. There, you need to search for the option called phone. Once you select this option, you need to write the correct phone number here. Make sure that the number you have given is the number that you are using on your iPhone.

Along with your phone number, you need to check your Date, Time and Country settings too. This is very important, for the proper functioning of the phone. Try to set it correctly. The time zone should be selected properly. If it is not done automatically, do it manually.

Other Options to be considered:

When you will open your iMessage or Facetime, you will see that there is an option of selecting the right location. This location is related to your Apple ID. Click on the ID and then click on the change location. You could now set the correct location.

The way, in which we knew that rebooting a device would solve a lot of problems, in the same way, we know that changing the sim card would also set a lot of things. The first thing that you need to do is to open the sim card slot and remove the sim card from there. Now, place it again. This may do the needful. Wait for some time to get the activation message. If you did not receive any message by now, you need to change the sim card and try it with another one. The reason, for which we are recommending you to do so, is that sometimes the carrier plays a great role in blocking the activation of Facetime.

Out of all these options, if nothing works, you need to restore your phone. Make sure that before clicking on that restore button, you have all the necessary things saved safely somewhere.

So, these were all the points that could be used in order to get rid of the Facetime activation issue. Facetime is a very important app for iOS users. Activating it on the phone will help them in getting rid of a lot of problems.