5 Ways To Fix Apple Watch Not Pairing Error

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An Apple Watch is a really useful rich wearable that makes it great for fitness tracking with its multiple workout modes, health tracking with features like ECG and other more features are there. Apple Watch also works seamlessly with your iPhone. There is time when you might face connectivity issues with your Apple Watch. If your watch is not pairing or connecting with your iPhone, here are some fixes, must try it.

Why isn’t Apple Watch Pairing: 5 Ways to fix your Apple watch Pairing

If your Apple Watch is not pairing with your iPhone device, there are a number of ways you can fix the connection. Firstly you have to make sure both devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and are in range of each other.

Apple Watch Not Pairing solution

Try reinstalling your Apple Watch and iPhone as well as resetting your iPhone’s network settings. You can fully reset your Apple Watch if all else fails. Wiping your data and almost certainly allowing you to pair your iPhone again. check how to share screen on facetime.

Note: Make sure you backup your watch before doing this. An Apple watch is not paired to an iPhone is greatly diminished in its capacities. If your Smartwatch is not pairing with your smartphone, you will want to connect.

Apple Watch pairing issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes. There’s chance your phone is simply too far away from your Apple Watch. Get Apple Watch and iPhone closer together and see if that alleviates the issues.

Also check the settings on your phone and watch. If your phone has its Bluetooth turned off or phone is in airplane mode they won’t be able to pair up. Make sure all settings are set properly. As other option turn your device off or on again.

Hold down the side lock button until the “Slide to power off” toggle appears, then slide it to power the phone off. For turn on your phone hold the side button again to turn the phone back on. You can shut down your Apple watch by holding down the side button. Now swipe to power off, Press and hold the side button again to turn an Apple watch back on.

Open the settings app then scroll to General tab to reset your iPhone’s network settings. Find Reset, then hit Reset Network settings and enter your password to confirm the move in General tab. Then try to re-pair the Apple watch.

Select General tab then, Reset, and then hit Erase All content and Settings in the Apple watch’s settings app. Then in the Apple watch app on your iPhone, tap my Watch, and tap the information button beside the watch and select Unpair Apple Watch.

How to force an Apple Watch to Sync with an iPhone

I mentioned above have solved your connectivity troubles with the watch. I have mentioned the fixes from simplest to more severe so that you do not end up having to go through unnecessary trouble to get your watch working perfectly once again.

If you think I missed a potential solution for this problem, let me know in the comments regarding it. If nothing seems to be working for you, try contacting Apple support to get their help with this problem and also share with us how you fixed your watch.

As long as you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, your watch should stay in sync with iPhone. There is time when watch just won’t sync health, activity or other data. In this section we provide how you can force your Apple watch to sync with your iPhone.

You have to reset sync data to force your watch to sync with your iPhone. If all connections between the apple watch and iPhone are enabled before you get there.

Here the steps below apply to the Apple watch.

  1. Firstly press and hold the side button until the Apple logo is appear on the Apple watch.
  2. Tap on the watch app icon on your iPhone.
  3. Now tap on the start pairing on the iPhone, a pairing animation should appear on the watch.
  4. Then tap on the Pair Apple Watch Manually on the iPhone.
  5. Next, tap the info icon on the Apple watch.
  6. Tap the Apple watch that corresponds to the name appear on your Apple watch on the iPhone.
  7. Now enter the 6 digit code that is appearing on the Apple watch.
  8. Refer to one of the below for the remaining setup steps:                  

1.Setup with Number Share

 2. Setup in standalone mode.

Check your Apple watch connection if Apple watch is not pairing with your iPhone. If you don’t get any type of notification, messages or calls on your watch, you watch and iPhone might not be connected. The red iPhone icon or the red X icon appears on your watch face when your devices disconnected. You must have to check your connection in control centre. The green iPhone icon appears on your watch when your Apple watch connects again.

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How to Factory Reset iPhone without Password

Hello Everyone!! How are you?? We hope you all are Amazing. Today we are presenting the article about a How Factory Reset iPhone without Password. There are many ways to factory reset iPhone without password now a days but, we will tell you how to factory reset iPhone without any type of password with a very simple solution.

If you want to factory reset in iPhone without password then follow the very simple steps given in our today’s article. If you are looking for Factory reset in iPhone without password, then this article is right for us today. We will talk about How to Factory Reset iPhone without Password today.

Password is indeed essential to protect the data and personal information in your iPhone, if you forgot the password you have to perform factory reset. Your iPhone is locked but you need to access the iPhone to do something urgently, have to perform Factory reset. We’ll give you all the information for the How Factory Reset in iOS without Passcode in our article.

There is no need to search for more information on any other platform to factory reset in iPhone without passcode because we will give you whole information in this article. We will elaborate How Factory Reset iPhone without Password.

Want to Factory Reset in your iPhone without Passcode?

Factory Reset iPhone without Password

If you forgot the passcode on your iPhone Here, you learn what to do next. When you forgot your password, you enter the wrong password too many times then you will see a message that your iPhone is disabled. At the end if you can’t remember your password, you will need to factory reset your iPhone which deletes all your data, settings and password too. Before forgot your password If you back up your iPhone, you can restore your data. But, if you never backed up your iPhone before forgot your password, you would not be able to store the data on your iPhone.

Before we are going to perform factory reset, we let you know something about it. Factory reset is much slower and has little risk. After, factory reset you will be lost all your data such as contacts, messages, iPhone settings, Photographs, Music, etc. All settings will need to be re input again in iPhone for all running apps. During Factory reset iPhone take some care.

You may want to erase all your personal details from the iPhone before you sell it. A Factory reset is an essential troubleshooting technique for fixing some issues of iPhones. Necessity to reset the iPhone before restoring data from backup. If your iPhone locked up forever, here only option is to do a factory reset. You are wanting to sell your iPhone and erase all your existing data, apply Factory reset. Apply Factory reset when you bought used iPhone and its locked up.

If your iPhone is not working properly as it should and a factory reset is your last hope at getting it to work again. After factory reset, the iPhone will begin like a new. For factory reset, you can use iTunes and try a 3rd party software solution. Factory reset an iPhone without the password is needed when intend to fix some issues like the black screen of death. No matter what reason you have, as long as you want to factory reset an iPhone without the password.

Through 3rd party software tool to unlock an iPhone will erase all its data and thus achieve your goal of resetting the iPhone. These are the scenarios where you want to do a factory reset.  

Procedure to Factory Reset iPhone without Password

Forgot the Password of your iPhone? Don’t worry, Here, we have solution for it. If you are wondering for factory reset on iPhone, you reached at the right place. There are several ways to factory reset on iPhone without passcode. Simple operations apply to unlock your iPhone without password. Here, a step by step guide on how Factory Reset in iOS without passcode. We have given you several ways to Factory Reset iPhone without passcode. In below section we are providing some steps to Factory Reset iPhone without password. If you want to Factory reset on iPhone, then follow the steps are as below. By different methods, you can reset your iPhone without any passcode. We will go with these easy methods.

Method 1:

  1. Firstly, check if the iPhone can be shut down normally or not.
  2.  Hold down the Power button until the Slide to power off message will show.
  3. Drag slider to the right side.
  4. Press volume up or down, then hold the power button.
  5. Simultaneously, press and hold the restart button combination for your iPhone, if the iPhone can’t be shut down normally.
  6. Holding the buttons until you see the startup apple logo on your screen.
  7. Now release the button.

Method 2:

  1. Open Settings from Home Screen on your iPhone.
  2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the menu that contains your name and image.
  3. Enter your credentials for Sign Up.
  4. Select iCloud from the second section of the menu.
  5. Scroll down and select iCloud Backup at the bottom of the APPS USING ICLOUD section.
  6. Slide iCloud Backup to the ‘On’ position.
  7.  Press on the Back up Now at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Wait until the iPhone Backup is complete.
  9. Tap iCloud at the upper left corner of the screen that will return you to the iCloud settings.
  10. Tap on the Apple ID at the upper left corner of the current screen that will return you to the Apple ID page.
  11. Tap settings at the upper left corner of the screen.
  12. Scroll Down and tap General near the top of the menu.
  13. Scroll down again and select Reset at the bottom of the menu.
  14. Select Erase all content and settings near the top of the menu.
  15. Enter your password to unlick your iPhone that time prompt, enter your restrictions password.
  16. Now Tap Erase iPhone.
  17. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your iPhone.
  18. During Setup, you will be asked if you want to restore your phone from an iCloud backup? Yes or No is depends on you.

Method 3:

  1. First backup your data and personal information, so you can restore it.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your computer.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Click on your iPhone in iTunes at the top of the window.
  5. Click on Restore iPhone to reset it.
  6. Prompt arise in which you will be to confirm that you want to erase all data on your iPhone.
  7. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. If necessity to put your iPhone in recovery mode then put it.
  9. Connect the iPhone to your computer with USB cable.
  10. Follow the instructions for a Force restart.
  11. Follow the prompts to restore the iPhone to its Factory settings.
  12. Load your Backup then click on the restore backup button. Do not restore your backup because password will be restored as well.

No more. Now, you are done!


We Hope our today’s article will be useful for Reset iPhone without any passcode. As we mentioned in our article How to Factory Reset iPhone without password, we hope that resolve your query. We always deliver the actual and correct information to you. If you are looking for a reliable and easy way to reset your unlock iPhone without password, read our article carefully. We’ll be back with more updates for How to Factory Reset iPhone without Password soon. 

FaceTime Video Calls From TV (With & Without Apple TV)

Its been really good month to know about our families and friends due to self isolation. FaceTime is the best source to connect people we loves. As there are so many smart TVs including apple TV and android TV out there, people are using TV screens for video calls. There is separate tutorial on facetime for pc if you want it.

We are here to teach you how to video calls from smart TVs specially how to do FaceTime video calls from Apple TV and without Apple TV.  Apple TV has option to air display broadcasting from your iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. Android TV has no option regarding display broadcasting. But with few tricks, we can use FaceTime on tv without apple tv. 

Facetime On Apple TV 

Its easy to use FaceTime video calls on apple tv as apple tv has default option that is Called “AirPlay”. You can mirror your FaceTime video calls through apple TV via Airplay. There are few steps that we should be followed in-order to call via apple tv. Follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: connect your device like iPhone, iPad or MAC on the same network that your apple television is using. 

Step 2: Make sure your iPhone, iPad or MAC has bluetooth and WiFi which is turned on.

Step 3: swipe up or down depends on your device and OS to see control panel option. See the following video to understand.  

Step 4: Now you can see your display in Apple TV. Just simply place video call from FaceTime and you’ll see your camera is broadcasting from your iPhone, iPad or Mac Device to your Apple Television. 

Few Things should be considered to know: 

  • Facetime video and audio call will be broadcast through your mobile or laptop devices not from your television while sharing the screen. 
  • There is limitation of quality if the distance of device is too much 
  • You might need mounting device / Tripod for smooth experience 

by following above steps, you can easily make facetime video calls from apple tv. follow the below steps to know how to do this without apple tv.

Facetime Video Call Without Apple TV

There are number of smart TVs available in the market which has good market dominance. Brands Like Sony, Samsung and LG are manufacturing android TV and Smart TV as well. There is a trick to use facetime on android tv or smart tv with few hardware requirements. Check Facetime for android devices.

Mainly, Android TV or Smart TV comes with HDMI slot. We can use these slots for chromecast, firestick and other smart tv devices. follow the below steps to learn how to use facetime on smart tv other than apple tv.

HardWare requirements:


with firestick, we can share our screen just like airplay. its kind of Airplay mirroring but with the help of firestick and airbeamtv app.

AirbeamTV app is good tool / app for firestick and smart tv which can mirror screen of iPhones and iPads.

Just Download the AirBeamTV on your firestick through amazon app store. (click here for link)

make sure both of your iPhone and Firestick are connected with the same Wireless Network.

Now you can follow the previous steps mentioned in the above video to mirror your screen smoothly like apple tv. you can place facetime video and audio calls and you can see every details on your smart tv.

Facetime Video Call From Smart TV

There is another option to make facetime calls on non apple tv. actually, apple has tied up with few smart tv companies to have Airplay bydefault installed with the box. Companies like sony, LG and vizio are providing airplay by default. check the following list. if your television is the same that has been mentioned in the list, then you’ve chance to use facetime without any hardware requirements.

LG OLED (2019, 2020)
LG NanoCell NANO 9, 8 series (2020)
LG UHD UN 8 series (2020)
LG UHD UN 71 series or above (2020)
LG NanoCell SM 9, 8 series (2019)
LG UHD UM 7, 6 series (2019)
Samsung FHD/HD 4, 5 Series (2018)
Samsung QLED 4K Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9 Series (2018, 2019)
Samsung QLED 8K Q9 Series (2019)
Samsung The Frame Series (2018, 2019)
Samsung Serif Series (2019)
Samsung UHD 6, 7, 8 Series (2018, 2019)
Sony Z8H Series (2020)
Sony A9S Series (2020)
Sony A8H Series (2020)
Sony X95H Series (2020)
Sony X90H Series (2020)
Sony X85H Series (2020)
Sony X80H Series (2020)
Sony Z9G Series (2019)
Sony A9G Series (2019)
Sony X950G Series (2019)
Sony X850G Series (2019 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85” models)
Sony Z9F Series (2018)
Sony A9F Series (2018)
VIZIO P-Series Quantum X (2019, 2020)
VIZIO P-Series Quantum (2018, 2019, 2020)
VIZIO P-Series (2016, 2017, 2018)
VIZIO M-Series Quantum (2019, 2020)
VIZIO M-Series (2016, 2017, 2018)
VIZIO E-Series (2016, 2017, and 2018 UHD models)
VIZIO V-Series (2019, 2020)
VIZIO D-Series (2018, 2019)

so this is it. i think now your all the problems related to facetime on apple tv has been solved. i hope you liked it. incase of any questions, do let us know in comments. we are also keen to know if you’ve any other method to use facetime on easily. thanks ^_^.

How to Download iMessage For Chromebook

iMessage is a fantastic service over the Chromebook that can reconnect the relations with your friends, relatives and family members. This messaging service can increase the pace of networking in this tech-savvy world. Not only this, this service works more effectively once the new update version is being installed. But, working over iMessage on the platforms other than Apple would turn out to be complicated. Also, not everyone can afford the high price tagged Apple gadgets. iMessage for Chromebook is not possible right now but there are different indirect means to have it.

In this article, we will have a brief overview about how can behave quick access to iMessage over Chromebook and what is the functioning of iMessage application on the Chromebook. we have also covered facetime for chromebook tutorial.

iMessage On Chromebook

imessage chromebook

iMessage is a new way of having a conversation with someone in an innovative manner. You can send stickers, share songs and pictures to your friends. Unfortunately, this application can only be used by the Mac users, which is available on Apple devices such as iPod touch, iPhone, Mac laptop and iPad.

To download iMessage on Chromebook from your cell, you need to update your iOS version and then log into your App Store using your Apple ID. You can have automatic access to the app drawer, which comprises of all the necessary services which are mentioned below:

1.        Music: All the songs available on your playlist can be shared over iMessage to your friends.

2.        Photos: You can quickly add pictures to the text messages to add fun in the conversation.

3.        Apple Pay: You can pay for the in-built premium services available on the application to the Apple Pay.

4.        Store: Many iMessage applications can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

5.        #images: You can also share some exciting GIF’s to make the messages funnier.

iMessage Chromebook App

imessage on chromebook

All the iMessage applications can be quickly accessed and downloaded from your favorite and reorder in the app drawer to manage operations. Now let’s have a look at some of the crucial steps that can help you manage and organize the iMessage apps effectively on your device:

1.        Firstly, you need to swipe left with your finger in the app drawer and go to the three-dot icon on the top of your Apple device.

2.        Now, tap on that button and the top right corner, click on the editing options.

3.        In case you wish to add something to your favorite list, click on the plus sign. Also, to remove something from the app drawer, tap minus button and then click on the Remove from favorite.

4.        If you are planning to reorder your app list in the iMessage service, you have to touch, hold and then drag the app in the order of the list.

5.        For hiding something in your list turn it off. And, you are editing and rearranging has been done.

Steps to Delete iMessage Applications

Given below are some of the steps that can help you not only to delete any app from the app drawer list but also hide the previous history of app downloads along with it:

1.        Click on Messages.

2.        Now, tap on the Edit icon and start writing a new message or you can just write something in your existing conversation.

3.        Then, go swipe to the three-dot icon on the left side of your screen and look for the application you wish to delete from the app. Tap on the Delete button.

4.        You can also delete the text messages on iMessage just like you have eliminated the apps.

iMessage can be used as a medium for secure messaging over Apple devices. Also, you are free to exchange SMS or MMS messages over Mac. This platform offers you an unlimited transfer of signals to the people living far away from your place. You need to have iMessage app over your Apple device and a good network connection for it.

iMessage Chromebook Download

Here are some guiding steps that can help you to access iMessage on your Chromebook but you need to make some extra effort for the same.

1.        You need to download Chrome Remote Desktop on your Apple devices from the chrome play store.

2.        Download the application quickly and then install it on your computer. Then, tap on the Launch button to start working on the app.

3.        You are free to download Chrome Remote Desktop on the device and read all the steps and instructions of installation to initiate the setup process.

4.        Once everything is ready from setup, you need to enter the code of your Mac computer’s host in the Chrome Remote Desktop located in the Chromebook in order to build a secure connection.

Method of reading iMessage over the Chromebook

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a fantastic software that can be used to transfer files from your Mac device and read it into the Chromebook. It is an effective means for data recovery and transfers to any of your iOS devices to reduce the chances of data loss and increase the security of your data. Not only this, it acts as a backup support system for Apple users by ensuring 100 % safety and accuracy in the usage of the software. Selecting and previewing the data is all part of the data recovery system.

Some Final Words

Although, there is no easy way to have iMessage for Chromebook still you can go for either of the methods as mentioned above to access the application. You can do a comparative study of the two ways and choose what suits the best for you. Where downloading the iMessage software using a Chrome Remote desktop only works if you are a Chromebook user. And, Leawo iOS Data Recovery can be made to extract unlimited messages from iMessage from your Apple device. Not only this, Leawo iOS data recovery system is the most convenient means to finish the data recovery process in seconds.