Audacity for Chromebook & It’s Alternatives

Audacity for chromebook is considered as one of the most popular audio recording software in the multimedia industry. This software is well known among the video recorders as well as audio designers because of its affordability and mass reach for all the users.

As we all know that most of the audio editing software is quite expensive and they only come up with a 10 to 14 days free subscription but this is not the case with Audacity.

Every feature available on Audacity including the plugins and download programs are free of cost. Not only this, Audacity runs over most of the operating system whether it is Linux based device, Windows operating system or Mac OS device. check facetime on chromebook.

The process of installing and downloading Audacity is quite simple but the sad part is Audacity does not work for the Chrome-based devices such as Chromebook and many more.
In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why Audacity for Chromebook is unavailable and what are the alternatives that can be obtained from the digital market.

Why Audacity for Chromebook is Unavailable

Basically, there are two main reasons for why Audacity is not suitable for the Chrome based devices. Although it is a great application but it does not operate on the Chrome operating system.

  1. Chromebook has very small memory and storage space: Audacity is an amazing application-based audio recording software which requires much larger space in terms of memory and installation of high-quality data content. In case, Audacity is installed in a small disc device then there is a little possibility that it will function accurately without causing any discomfort in its functioning.

Moreover, Audacity for Chromebook is not a good idea for a highly professional videographer as this software requires easy portability with the WxWidgets. It creates a pathway for all the designers and developers to establish qualified applications and run it over different platforms. Thus, Audacity needs to have portability of some of your libraries with the built-in application.

  • Chrome based devices are designed for the cloud-based applications: Audacity is an affordable standalone application that can not be easily accessed over the web browsers. Whereas, Chromebook is especially designed to meet the tailor-made requirements of the users so that they could use the cloud-based applications and have full access to the remote web programs. Therefore, Audacity for Chromebook is like joining two extreme functionalities together just to solve the purpose of Audio recording more effectively which is wrong.

Audacity is an open source software program that is accessible to all and can be downloaded and installed into your computer system without the use of internet connection in it.

There are many possibilities to make the two of them work together but it would cost a number of complicated series of processes and programs. Merely the highly qualified professional programming experts would be able to work Audacity for Chromebook. So, does it conclude that we have no other substitute for Audacity for Chromebook or we can use some sophisticated alternatives. Well of course we can.

Audacity for Chromebook Alternatives

There are a plethora of alternatives available online that not only provides a smart way for editing and recording of audio files but can also be accessed free of cost. Now, let’s have a lo at some of the most affordable audio editing tools that can easily be downloaded over the internet on the Chrome OS device:

  1. Audio Converter: Audio Converter is an easy to use online platform that is free of cost and performs the function of a converter. The main purpose of this application is to convert the audio files into different formats depending upon the preferences of the user. Not only this, it is also very helpful in the extraction of a video or audio file using advanced features and customization settings.
  2. Audiotool: Audiotool is an amazing publishing platform that helps all the videographers and musicians around the world to share their works with others. It is a cloud-based application that functions as a medium for showcasing their original music online. Moreover, you can also add sound effects and synthesizers in order to create a special sound to the music. There is no restriction on the use of this application and you are free t create your own music in whichever direction you want it to be.
  3. TwistedWave: It is regarded as one of the highly preferred alternatives to Audacity for audio recording purposes. The interesting part about it is that it can also be used online through a web browser. The process of using TwistedWave is quite simple, you just need to import some audio file from your PC to the TwistedWave and edit it in your own creative way using the formatting effects, audio specials etc. and then save the file and export it using any of the suitable audio formats.

Steps to Find Audio Recording Alternatives Online

Given below are some of the essential steps for installing audio editing tools using an online connection over a Chrome OS device:

  1. Open Chrome Web Store.
  2. Now go to the search box and type the name of the audio application which you wish to search for. A list containing all the associated names will appear on the screen.
  3. Then, select the application which you want to choose and click on Add to Chrome.
  4. You will see that a dialog box will appear. Just open Add Extension and the icon will move to the right side of your search bar.
  5. When the installation will be done, you can click on the extension and see where the application is being imported on your device. This extension will redirect you to the address bar where you can start your work in the application.
  6. That’s it. You may initiate with your audio recording and music creation.

Final Words:

Although Audacity for Chromebook is not possible right now, still software designers are working on creating a greater number of substitutes and alternatives for the users in order to avoid inconvenience. check out imessage for chromebook.

How To Share Screen on FaceTime Tutorial [Video Guide]

If you’re looking to get an answer as well as a step by step tutorial including video guideline about share screen on FaceTime then you’re at the right place. Yes, you can share a screen on FaceTime. It’s really easy and it requires a very little effort to follow. 

FaceTime is a really wonderful app and we have a lot of tutorials & How To’s on it. Coming to the point, Screen sharing is the technology that has been used by professionals, teachers and group influencers to project their ideas, work and illustrations towards certain viewers. 

Since the pandemic almost 80% of corporate and education culture are using work from home scenarios to maintain their productivity and curriculum. Apple Macbooks & Apple eco-systems are used by most of the organizations and individuals as well. That’s why it’s really important to know the hidden features of FaceTime share screen. You can learn this feature easily by following the below steps. 

Why should one share a screen with another?

Indeed, it is a very valid question. There are ample reasons behind facetime share screen. Let us try to know some of them.

  • In most of the corporate matter, it is seen that while there is a problem in solving a question then you have to share it with someone who can solve it.
  • On the other side if you also wish to show someone the steps to solve a problem, then screen sharing is a very good option.
  • Most of the time screen sharing is done for professional collaboration.
  • From the personal side, if you wish to show a video that is quite confidential then screen sharing is quite applicable.
  • Through screen sharing, you can easily share a particular video or mail with a specific person.
  • You can share the photos or documents with one who is included in your friend-list.

FaceTime Screen Share Tutorial 

In order to share screen on FaceTime or Mac, you must have a macbook or any device that has MacOS installed (Greater than the Mojave 10.16). Users are also required to have a working apple ID associated with the default messages app (link for the app). If you don’t know what’s the messages app then iMessage is the Apple messaging service you get automatically with your Apple ID. 

Open up the messages app on your computer. Now search for a user or a group that you want to share your screen. Once it loads up, click on the icon of your contact or group. 

find contact

Now after that, please click on the (i) information symbol above the right side of contact. Check the following screenshot. 

contact information

You’ll find many options such as call, video, share, mail and info. Click on the share button. Now you’ll have two options mentioned on the below image. 

facetime screen share with contact

Select ‘invite to share my screen’ option to share your screen with that contact. Bingo, the contact or group will receive a facetime call on their Macbook.

if you want to know all the steps from video then check out the following clip. made for exclusively to our visitors.

facetime screen share steps image

Screen Share Options

Now there are few options available to control the screen sharing over Mac OS. First option is Allow your contact to control your screen. With this option, your contact will be able to use keyboard, mouse and other attached devices same as you. In short by selecting this option, you’re going to give the contact to full access to your computer. 

First option is use the AirDrop facility. With the AirDrop, you can share your iPhone’s screen towards your macbook or connected MacOS. Then you can follow the first steps to share your iPhone towards your contacts and groups. 

The second option is mute microphone. As we all know its kind of FaceTime video call but with screen sharing option. So you and your contact can talk to each other and have healthy discussion about the projects and curriculum. If you don’t want to talk with the user or group you can simply select “Mute Microphone” which is second option. 

The third option is Pause Screen Sharing. By clicking on this option, your screen sharing will be temporarily paused. So that you can open your personal files, photos or confidential documents without revealing to viewers. 

The fourth option is “End Screen Sharing”. Its simply end the call. If you’ve done the discussion or completed the showcase. You can click on end screen sharing. 

facetime screen share controls

How to Share Screen via iPhone & iPad

Well if you’ve an iPad then the process will be the same. You just have to open the notification panel instead of the notification bar to see the undergoing request of your contacts. If you’re an iPhone user then you might have to tweak a little bit. There’s two options to share your screen from the iPhone. 

First use the AirDrop facility. With the AirDrop, you can share your iPhone’s screen towards your macbook or connected MacOS. Then you can follow the first steps to share your iPhone towards your contacts and groups. 

Secondly you can install any screen mirroring app. With the help of a screen mirroring app, you can share your phone’s display to your FaceTime call receiver without hazzalling the AirDrop and your Mac Computer. Kindly note that there’s no security or encryption guarantee by using third party apps. 

How To Share Mac Screen With Windows PC

Well technically There’re lot of applications and chrome extensions that allows you to share your mac screen with any other windows laptop and computers. But this default screen share won’t work. As it requires an apple eco system to run strictly. However you can always use Anydesk – The Tiny and portable application for desk sharing. 


If you can’t share your screen somehow then here its troubleshooting guide that can help you to solve problems. 

  • Check if your internet is working or not.
  • Make sure you’ve right apple id, number or email of your contacts. 
  • Make sure the contacts have working and fast internet connection. (slow internet connection might not be worthy to watch the shared screen)

Follow the below guideline to turn on and off your FaceTime Screen Sharing. 

You can use screen sharing to access your Mac computer and laptop anywhere, as well as control someone else’s mac from any location. When screen sharing is enabled on your Mac, your MacBook or Mac Enabled device can be viewed from another computer. While your screen is being shared, the user of the other Mac sees what’s on your screen and does anything with it. 

How To Turn on screen sharing on your Mac

Go to System Preferences by clicking on from the menu. 

Deselect Remote Management if its been selected. As we can not run both remote management option as well as screen sharing option at the same time. 

Now select the screen sharing option by ticking in it. 

There will be multiple options to choose which kind of sharing you want to use. Select it accordingly. 

How to Turn Off Screen sharing 

Go to System Preferences by clicking on from the menu. 

Deselect Screen Sharing Box. 

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This is it, Part of the journey is the end. tutorial is finished. hope you guys like this awesome tutorial. feel free to comment your issues. we would really like to reply 😉

Facetime Vs Varizon HD Voice Which Is Better?

Factime is an online video chat app available for Apple iOS devices while HD Voice video calling is supported between Verizon users. So here we have shared some information regarding the following topics like what is Facetime, what is HD Voice, and the advantages and disadvantages of Factime and HD Voice.

What is Factime?


Factime is an audio and video chat produced by Apple Inc. that allows users to connect with one another throughout the world. It was released on 7th June 2010. 

It is available on Apple devices running iOS 4 and later versions and Mac computers running on Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later versions. The mobile device needs to have a front facing camera and the Mac computer must have a Face Time camera.

It is similar to a normal voice-based phone call but offers better call quality because it is a VoIP service. Factime is free to use but needs an Apple ID and Wi-Fi or cellular connection. It works well on 3G network also. 

Previously Factime was banned in Apple devices used and sold in UAE due to local telecom restrictions. It was banned on all iOS devices sold in UAE, despite of where they were used. With the recent release of iOS13.6 the restrictions appear to have been lifted partially. This comes after UAE lifted a ban on Zoom, Microsoft’s Skype for business, and Google Hangouts on an exceptional basis this year.

Some notable features:

  • Picture in picture view – Using this feature you can see what your other partner is seeing of you 
  • You can use front or rear camera
  • Easily switch between landscape and portrait mode

Advantages of Factime

Here are some of the benefits of using Factime

  • You can connect easily and enjoy conversation like sitting together with distant family
  • You can have a better and deeper communication and can see the body language
  • You can attend events and be a part of any occasion or family functions
  • You can use Factime for business purpose, you can conduct meetings with your clients, show them your work, and share details about the project in a better way 
  • You can maintain your long distance relationship. You can have your dinner date, looking into your partners eyes and face while conversation you can make your relation stronger and keep the spark alive
  • You can solve the problems just by being where ever you are. If you have gone out and your children need some help at home, you can Factime and help and guide them properly
  • You can talk for hours and very smoothly at almost free of cost  with your friends, family, and any other person living in foreign countries or anywhere in the world 

What is Verizon HD Voice?

HD Voice is accessible in Verizon markets across the country which help you to connect anywhere in the world. Its services are enabled by VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. 

VoLTE transfers voice calls over the 4G LTE network instead of the regular voice network. When both the users are using HD Voice – enabled phones that are connected to Verizon LTE networks, you will experience natural sounding calls. You will feel like having a conversation in the same room instead of across the country.

The voice call is billed per minute of use and the video calls billed as data usage. HD Voice is used only on HD Voice capable Bluetooth.

HD Voice comes automatically inbuilt and ready to use on following devices:

  • All the smart-phones currently produced and sold
  • Iphone 6 and the later versions
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, etc and the new models

The HD Voice is enabled in all the android phones. It is not enabled in the older versions of the above mentioned list, for that you need to activate the HD voice. To verify whether the HD Voice is activated on your phone or not you can check it by following mentioned points:

To check HD Voice is activated for android phones: 

  • Go to the contacts App
  • Click on Groups options
  • If you find a group named Video Calling then the HD Voice is ready for use

To check HD Voice is activated for iOS users:

  • Go to the settings
  • Click on Cellular
  • Switch on the cellular data (it will turn green)
  • Click on Cellular data options
  • Then click on Enable LTE
  • If you find a tick next to Voice and Data then it indicates your HD Voice is enabled and ready for use

Notable features:

  • You can easily transit between HD voice and HD video calling just on one click
  • You can Try One Way Video
  • You can have 6-way conference calls
  • You get Wi-Fi calling facility
  • You can use voice call and 4G LTE data simultaneously

Advantages of HD Voice

  • There are no additional charges applicable for HD Voice. They are already included in the current plans
  • You will get better calling experience for both voice and video
  • You can easily connect to 6 people at a time
  • You can use data and talk on a call simultaneously
  • There are no charges for video calls carried on Wi-Fi

Disadvantages of Verizon HD Voice 

  • Video calls are not available on the Apple iOS and Windows Phone OS Device
  • Verizon 4G LTE coverage is necessary
  • Video calling can be done between Verizon to Verizon only
  • It is incompatible for government and business customers
  • Wi-Fi calling is supported only on Wi-Fi calling capable phones 


You can use Facetime On Windows PC, Mac and iPAD but you can not use verizon HD Voice on Laptop or windows computer. Plus you can call from facetime to facetime devices anywhere in the world without spending money where in verizon you’ll have to pay roaming charges as well as data charges according to country.

Thanks For Reading.

How to Use iMessage For Windows PC?

The difference between Android and iOS users is mainly of the operating system. Both of these have different features. While the android smartphones use normal text message app for SMS, the Apple smartphones use iMessage instead of the normal message app.

But there are many ways developed in the modern era to use the iMessage for Windows. This application has many smart features. Being a powerful iPhone tool gives the benefits of P2P money transfer which is not available in the android messaging app.

With the latest updates being given, there has been a gradual rise in using iMessage in other devices as well. Many people are searching for ways to access this tool in their personal computers with Windows OS.

But, as it is an Apple accessory, so is only available to iOS users. But, now there are some ways through which you can access the app on your Windows updated devices as well.

How to Install iMessage in Your Windows PC?

To use iMessage in your Windows laptop, you can use the Remote Desktop Feature of Chrome browser. But to do so you need to have at least one MAC computer. It is needed to connect the Windows to the MAC device. But remember that you will only be able to use this when the Macbook is switched on and connected to the internet. Your Apple ID is needed for setting up iMessage for Windows. You do not need to fear about your security as chrome ensures security.

Install iMessage Using Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Sign in to your Google account in the Chrome browser.
  • After that, you have to download the Chrome Remote Desktop App.
  • Then, select the option ‘Add App to Chrome’. Remember, if you are doing this for the first time, you will be asked to give authorization permission. You need to click on ‘Continue’ in the screen pop-up.
  • Then from the Chrome browser, click on the Remote app icon. It will show a pop-up.
  • There press on ‘Get Started’ and select ‘Enable remote connections’.
  • Further follow the instructions given onscreen to download the remote host installer of Chrome.
  • After that, another screen prompt will be reflected. There click on ‘Accept and Install’.
  • It will download the chrome remote desktop file. You may save it to any folder of your desktop.
  • After downloading, open the remote folder and double-click on ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host Package’.
  • Then, follow the given instructions and administration password if necessary.
  • After installation opens the app and tap on ‘Enable remote connections’ again.
  • Then create a PIN that is needed to connect your computer to another device. Remember, do not forget this password.
  • Now, open Chrome from your Mac computer and sign in with the same Google ID you used in Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Open the Chrome Remote Desktop App or in the address bar type chrome://apps and locate the app.
  • Then double-click on it and again click on ‘Get Started’.
  • There you will see your remote computer’s name. Double-click on that and type the PIN you created in your windows desktop.
  • Tap on ‘Connect’ and both the devices will be connected. You will be able to see Mac’s Desktop screen in your Windows PC.
  • Now, to use iMessage for Windows, tap on the Message Icon from your Mac device’s screen.
  • If you cannot find the Message icon, then tap on the ‘Launchpad’ for using the Message tool. Your iMessages will appear on the screen.
  • When you are done with using iMessage, you need to click on the ‘Stop Sharing’ option available at the bottom of the Mac screen in your Windows.

Using iPadian Emulator for Accessing iMessage in Your PC

  • At first, download the iPadian emulator on your Windows computer from an authentic website. Better to go to it’s official website.
  • Then, install the application file on your desktop.
  • Now run the Emulator app.
  • You need to accept the Terms and Conditions after running the app for the first time.
  • After the installation is done, you have to launch the iPadian software on your windows computer.
  • Next, in the search bar, search iMessage option.
  • After you find that, download the iMessage tool on your computer.
  • Finally, launch the app and enjoy it. You will need your Apple ID there.


We all want to enjoy our technology in the best possible ways. And using iMessage for Windows is just a simple instance of the same. Using a Macbook and using a Windows is very different. Yet you can enjoy some of the iOS features in Windows PC by using the above-mentioned steps.

We hope that the steps prove fruitful for you. Kindly share your valuable experience with us in the comment section below. Also, mention which method you opted for. We have also covered how to download imessage for chromebook. check it out.

Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7

In the world of music, technology plays a crucial role in this 21st century. Mixing, editing, pitching, toning, clarity of voices is changed according to the need. And these things are done on special computers with the help of other necessary applications. Garageband for Windows is a very well-known music application developed especially for iOS device users.

But iOS Macbook or devices are very expensive and not affordable for everyone. So there are some ways to use this software in Windows PC.

This application has innovative features for improving the taste of music. As a professional musician, you will find this very helpful for you.

Features of Garageband For PC

  • This software comes with a virtual keyboard for controlling. You can also add an external keyboard via USB cable to connect with the app.
  • Recording, playing z editing, and also sharing of music can be done by this single application.
  • It not only provides multi-touch features but also gives an option for triggering live loop cells.
  • The software further helps to add some stylish effects such as filters used by DJ, use of repeaters, vinyl scratch, etc.
  • Nine different types of acoustic or electronic drummers and their trademark sounds are available in this software.
  • You can innovatively use this application to create your music.

How Can You Download Garageband for PC?

The iOS software can be downloaded and installed from the iPadian simulator. The steps are given below:

  • At first, you need to buy the premium iPadian for downloading the software.
  • After downloading it, install the application file of the iPadian Emulator.
  • After the installation, open the app and go to the ‘App Store’.
  • Then, you need to look for Garageband in the search bar. After you find it, click on enter or press enter from your keyboard to download it.
  • After you download the Garageband application, you can use this software in your Windows PC via this iPadian emulator.

Necessary Requirements for The Software

  • You must have Windows 7 operating system or higher than that. It will not support Windows XP.
  • The RAM should be of minimum 4GB.
  • Intel i5 processor is necessary to run this software smoothly.
  • In the HDD, you must have a minimum of 2GB space.

Suggestions to Use the Garageband in Windows Successfully

Download Garageband for Windows

Sometimes, we get puzzled and hopeless after the software does not work. The possible assumptions and suggestions to get the problems solved are given below.

  1. Upgrade of iOS: One of the vital reasons that Garageband has stopped working in your device is the update to the latest iOS 11. After this latest update, there are many complaints regarding the software issue. You can avoid this problem by turning your iCloud for Garageband off.
  2. Updated Software: We should always update the applications as early as possible. So make sure that you have always installed the latest version of the application in your device.
  3. Software Compatibility with Hardware Device: One important thing with this high-quality software is that you need to use compatible hardware and software for such apps. The external audio inputs and devices must be compatible with the latest version of Garageband software.
  4. External Audio Interface: Many obstructions are faced mainly because of this problem. The incompatibility between the iOS and the external audio devices and their interfaces often results in the malfunction of the software. If such problems arise, always unplug the external audio interface and use the inbuilt speakers of the device for output.
  5. Deletion of Audio Unit Extension: Most of the time using an audio unit extension proves to be a reason for worry. This is because of the incompatibility and malfunctioning of the extensions used. It stops the application from working. So, you must delete the extensions from the home screen of the app.
  6. Resetting Regularly: Garageband for Windows should be regularly reset. Sometimes you may see that the software is showing automatically systematic customer preferences. And you become unable to either use the software or change the settings. So if you reset the software in this situation, the settings will automatically be restored to default options. So you will again be able to use it in a formal state.
  7. Reinstall the App: If unfortunately, any of the above solutions don’t work for you and you become hopeless for not using the application, then you can uninstall the application. After that, you may reinstall the software following the method given above. This should be the best way to get going.


So far as we have seen, the software is very professional and multifaceted. A music creator will find heaven in using the Garageband for Windows application even if he/ she does not have an Apple device.

However, there has not been any official announcement from Apple authorities to provide the software for Windows OS. But fortunately, there are some alternatives by following which, you can enjoy the feature even on Windows Laptop or Desktop.

Hope the method described above would be helpful to you. We will be happy if you share your valuable experience with us. It will also encourage us to provide you with some more interesting and useful information.