Five Methods to clear cache on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

iPhones never hanged like an android but there might be time when users feel their apple made devices are lagging. here is the best way to clear cache from iPhone & iPad. read all the steps carefully to know exactly and make your iPhone smoother again. How to clear cache on iPhone using Safari These … Read more

how long does it take to backup an iPhone

We’ve all heard that backups are important. But how long does it actually take to backup your iPhone? Many people don’t know the answer, so we decided to investigate this for ourselves. It turns out that it takes four hours and twenty-five minutes on average, or about an hour for each phone backup you make, … Read more

how to make emojis bigger on iPhone

Do you love emoji? Do you long for the day when iPhone allowed us to replace boring words with vibrant and colorful symbols of our emotion? Well, now you can take it one step further. By using one of the methods below, you can quickly and easily make your icons bigger. There are many ways … Read more

how to delete all photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod

Say you want to delete all the photos from your iPhone. What could be easier? Well, it turns out there’s a few ways you can do it, depending on what type of iOS device you have. Read on for the info! When you choose to delete all the photos from your iOS devices, you will … Read more

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