Download 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam For Chromebook 2022

In this article, we are going to show you how to use 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam in Chrome OS. currently the latest version of 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam is 1.5 with the size of 24,893.00 Bytes, which is compatible with latest chromebook operating system.

喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam Chromebook App Download

You can download Apple version of 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam from Itunes. if you want to download and install chromebook version of 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam then you must follow the following article.


– 智能抠图:自动找到轮廓,精确抠图,让您的手写/手绘最大限度还原到您的手机上。

– 经典素材:各种素材图片助您创作出各种有创意的作品。

– 支持上色:让您的手写/手绘丰富色彩,并且可以调整其透明度

– 图片分享:您创作的作品可以分享给你的朋友。

– 贴图云:汇集全世界的【喵呜相机】爱好者制作的贴图,共享来自地球各个地方的创意。用户可以上传自己制作的创意贴图,也可以从云端下载自己喜欢的贴图。



1 .背景的选择:专辑或照相机背景的照。

2 .前景的选择:相册或拍摄手写的文字,绘画(推荐在白纸上写画)。


4 .合成的形象专辑可以保存在本地相册,也可以分享到社交各种App。



MeowCam is an app that you can show your handwriting fully and appreciate the charm of it. Take a picture of the handwritings written by you on the paper or the paintings drawn by you, these pictures will become transparent immediately by MeowCam, then you can combine the transparent pictures with any other photos. In this way, you can well convey your meaning sincerely to others through your own handwriting or painting .

MeowCam includes four main functions,which are hyalinization,combination,edition and sharing.

1、Hyalinization: have the photo of your handwriting become transparent so that it will be combined with other photos perfectly.

2、Combination: the image you have edited before can be combined with other photos stored in your album or taken by your iPhone

3、Edition: to ensure the composite photos look more beautiful,you need to do some work like adjusting tint or adding stickers and so on.

4、Sharing: the composite photos not only can be saved to your album but also shared with your friends or family on your favorite social networks ,including FB,Twitter and so on.And, you also could upload the marks made by you to Cloud ,then everybody could download the marks from the Cloud.

How to use
4 simple steps
1、Background selection: select a photo as background. You can either use your iPhone to take a picture or select one from your album.

2、Foreground selection: the pictures of your own handwritings or pictures. It would be better if the handwritings or pictures are written on white papers.

3、Edition: you can move the foreground with one finger, crop or rotate the images with two fingers. In a word, you could edit the foreground freely.

4、The composite photos can be saved to your album, shared on your Line, Twitter, Facebook or E-mail.

The composite masterpiece could be used to as your characteristic e-card, such as thanks-giving card, Christmas card and birthday card.

Tell your story and express your feeling to those who means a lot to you by your creativity and your imagination!

▼Image can not save solution:
Setting -> Privacy -> Album -> turn MeowCam ON。

▼Can not take photo solution:
Setting -> Privacy -> Camera -> turn MeowCam ON。

How to Install 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam on Chromebook

Currently 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam has been rated with 0 stars with total numbers of 0. initially it was released at 2016-04-14 20:29:08. 喵呜相机 | 把纸上画的变成贴纸 MeowCam has been developed by rakudoor.

you can see the following screenshots to learn how to use this app.

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