Download Photo Extension Info For Chromebook 2022

In this article, we are going to learn you how to use Photo Extension Info in Chrome OS. currently the latest version of Photo Extension Info is 2.4 with the size of 54,584.00 Bytes, which is compatible with latest chromebook operating system.

Photo Extension Info Chromebook App Download

You can download Apple version of Photo Extension Info from Itunes. if you want to download and install chromebook version of Photo Extension Info then you must follow the following article.


Photo Extension Info quickly provides Camera Make, Model, Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Focal Length, Megapixels, Size, Flash, EXIF metadata, Photo Dominant Colors, GPS Location, and more. This extension is great for photographers who use the Apple Photos app to manage photos taken with the iPhone, iPad, and other digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, GoPro, and many more.

To use this extension, open the Apple Photos app, select any photo, tap the Action button, and then select the Photo Extension. You can also use the extension when editing photos.

Photo Extension Info:
+ Quick and easy to use.
+ Supported in most photo apps Action button.
+ LCD-like screen quick view mode and comprehensive mode.
+ Works on the iPhone and iPad.
+ Available from Action Extension or Edit Extension.
+ Visual guide (diagram) for F-Number.
+ Visual guide (diagram) for Exposure.
+ Visual guide (diagram) for ISO.
+ Visual guide (diagram) for Focal Length and 35mm equivalent.
+ Shows photo file information like file name, size, photo size, and more.
+ Shows camera information like make, model, lens model and more.
+ Shows EXIF metadata like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure and more.
+ Shows GPS metadata like latitude, longitude, address, link to Apple maps.
+ Shows photo’s dominant colors, which you can copy/paste.
+ Allows you to copy/paste the basic photo metadata.

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How to Install Photo Extension Info on Chromebook

Currently Photo Extension Info has been rated with 5 stars with total numbers of 6. initially it was released at 2015-06-06 02:22:03. Photo Extension Info has been developed by Digiguys, Inc.

you can see the following screenshots to learn how to use this app.

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