Download Steampunk Foucault Pendulum For Chromebook 2022

In this article, we are going to write you how to use Steampunk Foucault Pendulum in Chrome OS. currently the latest version of Steampunk Foucault Pendulum is 2020.2 with the size of 34,222.00 Bytes, which is compatible with latest chromebook operating system.

Steampunk Foucault Pendulum Chromebook App Download

You can download Apple version of Steampunk Foucault Pendulum from Itunes. if you want to download and install chromebook version of Steampunk Foucault Pendulum then you must follow the following article.

In 1851 French physicist, Léon Foucault, constructed a simple pendulum where at the base, placement of pegs arranged in an arc are struck by the bob as the pendulum rhythmically oscillates above. The plane of oscillation appears to rotate eventually knocking each peg but this effect is that of the Earth rotating underneath. This was the first experiment of its kind that visually demonstrated the rotation of Earth about its axis.

Enjoy this physics simulation presented in 3D themed in Steampunk genre!

• History and reference
• Settings including receiving notifications when pegs are about to be knocked over
• An immersive 3D rotunda demonstrating the principles of a Foucault Pendulum

How to Install Steampunk Foucault Pendulum on Chromebook

Currently Steampunk Foucault Pendulum has been rated with 3 stars with total numbers of 4. initially it was released at 2016-12-18 18:53:33. Steampunk Foucault Pendulum has been developed by Brian Buck.

you can see the following screenshots to learn how to use this app.


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