Faceapp For PC Download | Face Editing App For PC

Faceapp For PC is the artificial intelligent application for windows computer which leads you to edit your image, photo and selfies through various way. 

Faceapp for windows will help you to edit and create face image 60 years older. faceapp is on the trend again. people are looking to get faceapp on windows 10 which is really great app to have fun with your face with the help of artificial intelligence.

Faceapp For PC Windows Download

If you’re living under the ancient cage then you would not aware of this app. Internet is breaking down right now with the faceapp filters and image modifications. Faceapp is also available on windows platform such as windows 10, 8 and windows 7. 

faceapp for pc

Faceapp For Windows PC Download 

As you guys all know Faceapp for pc is AI Based Photo editing app. Faceapp on windows will help you to do it the same. Faceapp will also help you to look younger, old, black, white etc. 

You can also use Faceapp Pro APK For Android check your old age or younger look.

  • Here is faceapp features that should be noted. 
  • Normal to Smile Face
  • Change Hair Style
  • Meet Your Future Self
  • Look Younger

FaceApp is being developed by a small team out of Saint-Petersburg Located in Russia. The app creators claim it will transform your face using artificial intelligence, allowing selfie-takers to alter their photos to look old or young themselves. The app uses neural networks to try to keep the results photo-realistic. 

How to use Faceapp on Windows PC

Installing Bluestacks on your Windows PC is very simple, just download the file from its website or from filehippo and run the installer and you’ll now have the emulator installed.

Go through the setup process and link the Bluestacks application to your Google account which you will need when setting up any Android device.  It should be super easy and user friendly. Once setup is complete, go to the Play Store and download Faceapp. 

To use Faceapp for pc, you’ll need a camera on your windows computer or laptop. However, you won’t be able to edit or change someone’s image on pc like celebrities or readymade images. Do bear in mind that a computer without a camera will prompt you with multiple errors, but if you continuously click ‘Cancel’, you won’t be able to use it.


I hope our guide on how to download faceapp for pc will help you out. You can install and use facetime on PC with this method.


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