Faceapp Pro APK Download [Latest Version – Trending]

Faceapp Pro APK Download: Faceapp is latest app for face editing and redesigning. Faceapp application has multiple filters and faceapp pro app have really cool filters as well. 

Faceapp was initially released on 2017 and it went viral as well. FaceApp is an android and ios application that creates artificial transformations of faces using various filters and features using artificial intelligence.

FaceApp Pro APK 2019 for Free

It was initially started by few twitter users about posting artificially old face through app which is known as facepp. Many followers then posted celebrities and their mentor’s images on social media such as instagram, facebook and twitter itself. Faceapp Pro apk for android is trending because of this reason.

FaceApp is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered application that transforms face image or camera image into multiple filters such as old wrinkled face, man to woman face, woman to man face, etc. 

Thousands of Users are now looking to download faceapp pro apk though various search engines. 

we are here to provide you faceapp latest version apk free for use. please share our website to your friends in order to get the APK files. 


faceapp pro apk

Faceapp PRO APK Download AI Face Editor

internet was stromed out previously by snapchat baby filters and now this cool AI powered Faceapp. Using Image which has face, this app can create a lot of things with that image.

You can also use Faceapp for PC without paying anything.

FaceApp is a free app that can be downloaded to your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Currently there are 21 free filters in the basic free version. The Pro version includes 28 filters that can change your style completely with just one tap. You should not miss this pro version. 

The app’s free version includes ads along the bottom of the screen. the paid version removes the ads but has no additional features. You can read about how the app uses and stores information in its privacy policy.

  • OLD Look (60 Years Plus)
  • Boy to Girl transformation 
  • Girl to Boy Transformation
  • Long hairs to short hairs
  • Short hairs to long hairs
  • Face Colour Change

What you’ll get on Faceapp Pro for Android

  • High-speed app result or high-speed evaluation
  • Allow you to create collage from images
  • Re-touch feature with AI super power to remove wrinkles on face
  • Insert two distinct grin modes to pictures
  • Faceapp pro apk allow you to change multiple background
  • Allow you to create younger face


Hope you have no doubt about how to download Faceapp Pro For Android. This faceapp pro apk is free to use on your Android device.

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