Facetime Activation Error Solution

Fix Facetime Activation Error: Facetime is a pre-launched application on any of the iOS devices. It is a very handy app and is very useful. One could use it in many ways. Before you start using this application, you need to get an activation message. If you have not received any confirmation yet, then you need to get it, in order to use the application.

The process of fixing facetime waiting for activation error in an iPhone or any other ios device is easy, but those who do not have any setting before in their iPhone may face a little difficulty. However, we have discussed each and every step in this section which will help the users a lot in doing the settings.

Facetime Waiting For Activation Error Solution

check the restrictions settings

One thing that each iPhone user should keep in their mind is that there could be a lot of reasons because of which their phone is witnessing this facetime activation error on their phone. So, in order to get it fixed, we have to try a lot of things. If you are among all those people who need to face this issue, first go and check the restrictions settings of your phone. For this, you need to open your settings. Under this section search for general and there you will find restrictions. You need to disable restrictions. Once you have disabled restrictions, another menu will pop up. Now, in this list, you need to turn on the Facetime. In order to do so, you will have to go to the allowed apps. There you could do the setting.

Reboot your iPhone

The previous point is just one way to get rid of the Facetime activation error. There are other alternatives to this too. For example, one could try hard rebooting their phone in order to get rid of this problem. As we all know, be it any kind of electronic devices, rebooting it fixes a lot of things. If it is an android phone or a tablet or a laptop, you could reboot them to get rid of certain issues. In this case, hold the power and the home button of your iPhone together and do not leave it till the screen turns blank. Once that is done, power on your phone and your hard reboot are done. The phone will be restarted. According to experts, this could help you in fixing issues related to WiFi, network and the Facetime activation too.

Sign Out From Apple ID

Another alternative that we are going to talk about is something we are not sure about, but if you are lucky, this could work. This is the method of signing out and in into your Apple ID within the Facetime on your device. This is known to be a very effective method if it turns well.  You do not have to do much, just log out of your Apple ID and then sign in again. This may fix the problem. However, this may create some other problems too.

Reset The Network Settings

After all the steps that are written above, if your facetime activation problem is not fixing up, you need to try this alternative. We are talking about the WiFi settings. Now, there are times when there is an issue with the network and that are causing issues with the Facetime activation too. To set your WiFi, you need to go to the settings first. After that, move to the general category. Once that is done, go to reset. There you will get a lot of options. You need to go to network settings. After entering this phase, your iPhone will automatically start rebooting it. Once the reboot is done and the phone turns on, you will see that the activation problem has gone. This could be confirmed when you receive a message regarding it.

Add your Phone Number

You won’t believe, but your phone number too matters a lot when it comes to activating your facetime on iPhone. In the settings, there is an option of My number. You have to enter the correct number there. To set the correct number, you need to go to the settings. There, you need to search for the option called phone. Once you select this option, you need to write the correct phone number here. Make sure that the number you have given is the number that you are using on your iPhone.

Along with your phone number, you need to check your Date, Time and Country settings too. This is very important, for the proper functioning of the phone. Try to set it correctly. The time zone should be selected properly. If it is not done automatically, do it manually.

Other Options to be considered:

When you will open your iMessage or Facetime, you will see that there is an option of selecting the right location. This location is related to your Apple ID. Click on the ID and then click on the change location. You could now set the correct location.

The way, in which we knew that rebooting a device would solve a lot of problems, in the same way, we know that changing the sim card would also set a lot of things. The first thing that you need to do is to open the sim card slot and remove the sim card from there. Now, place it again. This may do the needful. Wait for some time to get the activation message. If you did not receive any message by now, you need to change the sim card and try it with another one. The reason, for which we are recommending you to do so, is that sometimes the carrier plays a great role in blocking the activation of Facetime.

Out of all these options, if nothing works, you need to restore your phone. Make sure that before clicking on that restore button, you have all the necessary things saved safely somewhere.

So, these were all the points that could be used in order to get rid of the Facetime activation issue. Facetime is a very important app for iOS users. Activating it on the phone will help them in getting rid of a lot of problems.

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