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Facetime For Android Tutorial is here. Facetime App is available for iPhone users, mac osx users and for Windows PC Users. Facetime on Android is quietly complicated topic since many times as official apple wwdc (World Wide Developers Conference) has not yet released the official statement regarding the Facetime Android availability. Still there is chance for you visitors to know what’s actually is going on with facetime app on android.

We will give you step by step Download procedure for Facetime for Android and also give you a list of features of Facetime on android. Facetime app designed for iOS user but due to increasing demands the Facetime app can be used on Android devices. Now a days we can use Facetime application for Android devices with the help of an android emulator. In the below screen we give you some easy guide procedure for download Facetime for android.

facetime for android

Facetime application stands for connection between Apple user. Even you may know that Facetime application is for the iOS & Mac OS device only, how is it possible for Android? Don’t be shocked. In this article we will discuss the Facetime for Android. The Facetime is the fabulous application for video Chatting with your family members, Companion, and friends. In the US country most of the people use iOS-based Operating System whereas in the India country people use Android devices like Android mobile for their daily usage, If you are one of them, then you must have to know how to use Facetime for Android.

Facetime APK Android Download 


Facetime Android Application has been designed for iOS Users, which developed by AppleInc. We have good news for all Android users, nowadays Facetime supported for Android devices.AppleInc is thinking about to release new application Facetime on Android users, through that application Android users make Video calls, Voice calls and Hangout with each other. Now it’s coming in Android devices with high facilities. Apple’s Facetime lets people with iPhones, iPads,iPods, and Macs make easy video calls to another one.

Many Android users have one question that the Facetime is available for Android devices? The answer is the No. Android users can’t have the Facetime, because Facetime is truly developed for Apple users only. It is not able to be used for Android devices. Facetime application is available in iTunes App Store for iOS users. Facetime is not available in the Android App store or the Google Play Store. Many websites claiming that they provide the Facetime APK for Android devices, but this is a scam. Those websites given Facetime APK file is totally corrupted file and it’s malware. That downloaded APK file can be dangerous to your Android device, be aware of it. The developers do not come up with the Facetime for Android devices. But Do not worry about it, we have alternatives to use the Facetime for Android. You did not use Facetime to call anyone’s iPhone from your Android phone. You should know that they are not official apps and do not support Facetime for Android. To use Facetime on Android device, you will find yourself installing some sketchy app or malware.

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Facetime For Android APK

Facetime is Amazing Video Calling app. Many developers have tried to generating Facetime on Android Devices on their particular designs. Instant video calling may possible with Facetime application on android. Keep reading this article to know features about the Facetime for android. We have listed out the features of Facetime for Android in this below section. Facetime app is not compatible with the android devices. but we have a good news, nowadays developers are working on the Facetime for android. The facetime app has great features that will also be available in the Android APK plus. In below screen, we give you some of the key features that will be on this app for the Android user.

–> By using Facetime, Android user can make Video call, Voice call, Hangout or chatting.
–> With Facetime, The visual interaction is almost as the user is at two places at the same time. You can imagine this on your Android devices.
–> Facetime can integrate with both the cameras of the Android device, be it the primary or secondary camera for video calling.
–> Facetime allows to Android users to make calls as free of charge.
–> Facetime gives super visual quality.
–> Facetime Video chatting application is one of the lightweight and simple with advanced voice calling feature.
–> With the Facetime on Android, the Android user can mute the audio while the video calls in online.
–> With Facetime, you can get best screen resolution.
–> With Facetime, When one android user is video calling the other one that time he/she can see herself/himself on the screen too as a small PiP image. This is given for the android users to adjust themselves in front of the camera. That PiP image displays what the other person can see on her/his mobile screen while engaging in the video call.

At above we have given to you some features of the upcoming application Facetime for Android.Be careful, do not download any APK files with such claims.

so what is next? are there any alternatives available for android users to call iPhone buddies through end to end encrytion and without any lags? what is the best facetime app for android?

Best Alternatives for Facetime on Android

Facetime is one of the best Video Chatting app on iOS Devices. Some Android users have one question like android user can get Facetime for Android or not? So we will guide you with how you can download and install or Run Facetime APK file on Android devices. There are many other apps includes Facetime features with the best alternatives of Facetime App. FaceTime video app supports any iOS device with a forward-facing camera.FaceTime video app supports any Mac iOS computer with a front Camera, known as an iSight Camera. FaceTime supports iOS 7 or newer version of iOS and any Mac iOS with a forward-facing camera running Mac OS X 10.9.2 and later version.

facetime apk download

With Facetime for Android, there are numerous apps that can be used to make video calls between different android devices like Skype, Facebook, Hangouts, Duo and more. Apple Don’t allow other users to use Facetime, which means FaceTime can only be used for video calls between Apple devices because of Apple’s strict security guidelines.But we have found way to use Facetime for Android devices.

Skype: Skype is a Microsoft product. It is one of the first Video Chat app. It is available for Windows users, Mac iOS users and Android users.Skype gives you a feature like instant messaging with file sharing. Skype gives HD quality of Both Video and Audio calling. With Skype you are able to pick quality as per your internet speed. With Skype you can make video call to any Skype individual without the problem.

Google Duo: Google duo is Google’s product. Google Duo is available for Android and iOS users only. It is supports One-to-One Video chat, also you can make them over Wi-Fi or Mobile data connections. It also offers a feature like couple of neat. You can see the video of the person who’s calling you, even before you answer the call and also leave a video message when someone can’t answer your call.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger is one of the messaging app. You can make video calls using Facebook Messenger. Facebook messenger apps for Android and iOS users. With Facebook messenger, you can Send messages to individuals or groups and also you can send Stickers and Emojis. You can make international calls with Facebook Messenger.

Google Hangouts(Discontinued): Google Hangouts is product of Google. With Google Hangouts, you can make video call and video conference with multiple people. Google Hangouts stands for Android and iOS users. Also it’s available to all desktop users via their web browser.

Viber: Viber app used for video calls and a variety of other purposes such as Free text, Calling, Photo sharing. Viber Video Chat app has millions of users worldwide.It is available for a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Viber does not require any type of registration. You can use Viber without any advertisement. Viber supports multiple languages. Viber has around five-hundred million users from across the globe.

Glide: Glide is the fastest live video messenger app available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It is allows you to record your videos as the message and send it to your Glide contacts. You can send message to group of 50 person simultaneously.Also it is available for smart watches. Also with this app you can review your videos. It is free to download for android and iOS users.

WeChat: WeChat is one of the fastest, safest and simplest video calling app. WeChat is available for Android, iOS and Windows users. WeChat has large popularity in the country of China.WeChat has around 8 millions active users.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is best Video Chatting app from all other Video calling app.It allows you to Text, Voice call, Video chat with your family members and friends.WhatsApp is cross platform.

You will need to take the extra step of making sure that the people you want to Video call have the right app installed. You will be able to place video calls to just about anybody, no matter what platform they use. In short there are many Video Calling app available on Google Play Store, But Facetime application is one of the best Video Calling app.
Facetime works with slow Internet connetion with perfect Audio calling. Facetime for Android app works exactly same like other video calling applications. Facetime is leader of all video calling apps. we given to you some Facetime alternative Apps that offers the same features and UI like Facetime.


Sorry, But we have bad news, The Facetime Video chatting app is still not launching for the Android devices, Dont be sad. Please Do not download any APK file with claims. I hope you all like our today’s article about an How to Download Facetime for Android. If anyone have any type of hassle regarding our article then contact us. If you like our content Facetime on Android devices then like it and do comment in mentioned comment box. Thank You for Reading our today’s article carefully. If we get any type of news regarding Installation of Facetime Android devices, Definitely we will update our article as soon as possible and deliver the correct information to you. We’ll be back with more updates regarding How to install or Run Facetime on Android devices soon.


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