How TO Facetime From Samsung Phone Guide

Facetime For Samsung Device Tutorial: Earlier facetime was quite convenient in Apple phones. But now with the advancement of the latest technologies, one can install facetime even in devices like Samsung and similar other devices.

Facetime will also help to video calling with friends. The service is quite good and you can continue uninterrupted chatting for a long duration. In this fast competitive age, each and every person must be quite familiar with the latest gadgets. They should actually know the way to handle such devices. The latest devices are much faster and convenient for getting in touch with the near and dear ones. Just try to explore some of the devices.

Facetime On Samsung Mobiles

Technically facetime is very much appropriate and eligible for Apple devices. But in some cases facetime for Samsung, it can also be used. Now let’s have a brief look at some of the top features of facetime in Samsung.

• You can download the app from the Play store. It would be much more convenient to download the app from such stores as the speed remains quite high.

• Unlike other apps, you can absolutely use it for updating social status and posts.

• Apart from this document sharing is much easier and faster in such apps. You can share about 100 MB files at a time.

• The voice chat and voice calling is simply amazing in this app. Most of the people would prefer to go for that.

• Even, you can send various types of stickers and emoji’s to your friend just for fun. In short, the whole appears to very funny and wonderful. There are many who spent a long time with facetime. The more they use, the more they become addicted to it.


facetime for samsung

Facetime For Samsung Mobile

In fact, the most important question in this aspect is that do Samsung phones have facetime. Now let’s try to explore the actual fact behind this. It would really be interesting to know about it.

1. Facetime on Samsung is not available because facetime is the product of Apple and so the Apple users can avail the service in their IOS platform.

2. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you cannot avail of this service. There are some ways in which you can try the service.

3. Google Hangouts and Skype are presumed to be the best alternative for facetime. They are very famous for their good and prompt service.

4. There are about 500 million Android users and so for their convenience Hangout remains preloaded in Samsung devices. Once you purchase the device you have to download it from the play store.

5. If you have a Google account then you can sign the account and start enjoying Google Hangout.

6. Hangout is such an alternative option for facetime that it allows about 10 people to chat at a time. It also works across all types of platforms like PCs, mobiles, etc. The speed remains quite high in any mode.

7. In fact, Hangout Dialer is another good option before the users whereby they can use calling credit for making voice calls on both landlines and mobiles.

8. On the other side, Skype is also presumed to be a very good option and alternative for facetime. It can also be downloaded from the play store.

9. Video calling is quite clear and nice in skype. It is used for various business purposes. If you’re looking Facetime For PC then we have tutorial there. 

The other alternatives of facetime on Samsung

There are some other alternatives for facetime in Samsung devices. If you wish you can easily try it. Once you will start using it you will not feel to leave it. It becomes like an addiction and the people get addicted to it.

• Having about 280 million users Viber is another important alternative for facetime. It can also be downloaded from the play store and can be used as an app.

• You have to type your phone number in the text. You will instantly receive a message with a code and that you have to type in theViber account.

• Viber is such a mode in which you can connect about 40 people at a time. This is simply amazing.

• In most of the case, it is noticed that if anyone does not have a Viber account, then the other person can make cheap calls in mobile or landline by purchasing viber credits.

• In fact, Viber is much faster than facetime as the number of people in group chat is much more. Even the connection is quite prompt and good. You will really enjoy while talking with your friends, even for hours.

• With the advent of these alternatives, people are inclining towards buying of latest and updated Samsung devices. The actual fact is that every person does not hold the capacity to buy Apple phones. So for them, Samsung can be a very good option.

People who used to worry a lot for not using facetime can now stay happily. Thanks to Samsung and its latest model. The mobile-friendly people can now easily buy Samsung mobiles and install the latest apps through the play store. Out of this, some of the apps remain preloaded.

The users have to download it from the Play store.
Apart from this, there are over a growing range of facilities and options before Android users. Fring, Tango is some of the latest apps that can be quite convenient for connecting friends in video chatting or group chatting. So Samsung users don’t remain confined with text messaging or audio calling, try the new ones that are simply fantastic.

This is it, i hope this helps to use facetime app on samsung mobiles so that you can factime your buddies.


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