Facetime Vs Varizon HD Voice Which Is Better?

Factime is an online video chat app available for Apple iOS devices while HD Voice video calling is supported between Verizon users. So here we have shared some information regarding the following topics like what is Facetime, what is HD Voice, and the advantages and disadvantages of Factime and HD Voice.

What is Factime?


Factime is an audio and video chat produced by Apple Inc. that allows users to connect with one another throughout the world. It was released on 7th June 2010. 

It is available on Apple devices running iOS 4 and later versions and Mac computers running on Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later versions. The mobile device needs to have a front facing camera and the Mac computer must have a Face Time camera.

It is similar to a normal voice-based phone call but offers better call quality because it is a VoIP service. Factime is free to use but needs an Apple ID and Wi-Fi or cellular connection. It works well on 3G network also. 

Previously Factime was banned in Apple devices used and sold in UAE due to local telecom restrictions. It was banned on all iOS devices sold in UAE, despite of where they were used. With the recent release of iOS13.6 the restrictions appear to have been lifted partially. This comes after UAE lifted a ban on Zoom, Microsoft’s Skype for business, and Google Hangouts on an exceptional basis this year.

Some notable features:

  • Picture in picture view – Using this feature you can see what your other partner is seeing of you 
  • You can use front or rear camera
  • Easily switch between landscape and portrait mode

Advantages of Factime

Here are some of the benefits of using Factime

  • You can connect easily and enjoy conversation like sitting together with distant family
  • You can have a better and deeper communication and can see the body language
  • You can attend events and be a part of any occasion or family functions
  • You can use Factime for business purpose, you can conduct meetings with your clients, show them your work, and share details about the project in a better way 
  • You can maintain your long distance relationship. You can have your dinner date, looking into your partners eyes and face while conversation you can make your relation stronger and keep the spark alive
  • You can solve the problems just by being where ever you are. If you have gone out and your children need some help at home, you can Factime and help and guide them properly
  • You can talk for hours and very smoothly at almost free of cost  with your friends, family, and any other person living in foreign countries or anywhere in the world 

What is Verizon HD Voice?

HD Voice is accessible in Verizon markets across the country which help you to connect anywhere in the world. Its services are enabled by VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. 

VoLTE transfers voice calls over the 4G LTE network instead of the regular voice network. When both the users are using HD Voice – enabled phones that are connected to Verizon LTE networks, you will experience natural sounding calls. You will feel like having a conversation in the same room instead of across the country.

The voice call is billed per minute of use and the video calls billed as data usage. HD Voice is used only on HD Voice capable Bluetooth.

HD Voice comes automatically inbuilt and ready to use on following devices:

  • All the smart-phones currently produced and sold
  • Iphone 6 and the later versions
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, etc and the new models

The HD Voice is enabled in all the android phones. It is not enabled in the older versions of the above mentioned list, for that you need to activate the HD voice. To verify whether the HD Voice is activated on your phone or not you can check it by following mentioned points:

To check HD Voice is activated for android phones: 

  • Go to the contacts App
  • Click on Groups options
  • If you find a group named Video Calling then the HD Voice is ready for use

To check HD Voice is activated for iOS users:

  • Go to the settings
  • Click on Cellular
  • Switch on the cellular data (it will turn green)
  • Click on Cellular data options
  • Then click on Enable LTE
  • If you find a tick next to Voice and Data then it indicates your HD Voice is enabled and ready for use

Notable features:

  • You can easily transit between HD voice and HD video calling just on one click
  • You can Try One Way Video
  • You can have 6-way conference calls
  • You get Wi-Fi calling facility
  • You can use voice call and 4G LTE data simultaneously

Advantages of HD Voice

  • There are no additional charges applicable for HD Voice. They are already included in the current plans
  • You will get better calling experience for both voice and video
  • You can easily connect to 6 people at a time
  • You can use data and talk on a call simultaneously
  • There are no charges for video calls carried on Wi-Fi

Disadvantages of Verizon HD Voice 

  • Video calls are not available on the Apple iOS and Windows Phone OS Device
  • Verizon 4G LTE coverage is necessary
  • Video calling can be done between Verizon to Verizon only
  • It is incompatible for government and business customers
  • Wi-Fi calling is supported only on Wi-Fi calling capable phones 


You can use Facetime On Windows PC, Mac and iPAD but you can not use verizon HD Voice on Laptop or windows computer. Plus you can call from facetime to facetime devices anywhere in the world without spending money where in verizon you’ll have to pay roaming charges as well as data charges according to country.

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