Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7

In the world of music, technology plays a crucial role in this 21st century. Mixing, editing, pitching, toning, clarity of voices is changed according to the need. And these things are done on special computers with the help of other necessary applications. Garageband for Windows is a very well-known music application developed especially for iOS device users.

But iOS Macbook or devices are very expensive and not affordable for everyone. So there are some ways to use this software in Windows PC.

This application has innovative features for improving the taste of music. As a professional musician, you will find this very helpful for you.

Features of Garageband For PC

  • This software comes with a virtual keyboard for controlling. You can also add an external keyboard via USB cable to connect with the app.
  • Recording, playing z editing, and also sharing of music can be done by this single application.
  • It not only provides multi-touch features but also gives an option for triggering live loop cells.
  • The software further helps to add some stylish effects such as filters used by DJ, use of repeaters, vinyl scratch, etc.
  • Nine different types of acoustic or electronic drummers and their trademark sounds are available in this software.
  • You can innovatively use this application to create your music.

How Can You Download Garageband for PC?

The iOS software can be downloaded and installed from the iPadian simulator. The steps are given below:

  • At first, you need to buy the premium iPadian for downloading the software.
  • After downloading it, install the application file of the iPadian Emulator.
  • After the installation, open the app and go to the ‘App Store’.
  • Then, you need to look for Garageband in the search bar. After you find it, click on enter or press enter from your keyboard to download it.
  • After you download the Garageband application, you can use this software in your Windows PC via this iPadian emulator.

Necessary Requirements for The Software

  • You must have Windows 7 operating system or higher than that. It will not support Windows XP.
  • The RAM should be of minimum 4GB.
  • Intel i5 processor is necessary to run this software smoothly.
  • In the HDD, you must have a minimum of 2GB space.

Suggestions to Use the Garageband in Windows Successfully

Download Garageband for Windows

Sometimes, we get puzzled and hopeless after the software does not work. The possible assumptions and suggestions to get the problems solved are given below.

  1. Upgrade of iOS: One of the vital reasons that Garageband has stopped working in your device is the update to the latest iOS 11. After this latest update, there are many complaints regarding the software issue. You can avoid this problem by turning your iCloud for Garageband off.
  2. Updated Software: We should always update the applications as early as possible. So make sure that you have always installed the latest version of the application in your device.
  3. Software Compatibility with Hardware Device: One important thing with this high-quality software is that you need to use compatible hardware and software for such apps. The external audio inputs and devices must be compatible with the latest version of Garageband software.
  4. External Audio Interface: Many obstructions are faced mainly because of this problem. The incompatibility between the iOS and the external audio devices and their interfaces often results in the malfunction of the software. If such problems arise, always unplug the external audio interface and use the inbuilt speakers of the device for output.
  5. Deletion of Audio Unit Extension: Most of the time using an audio unit extension proves to be a reason for worry. This is because of the incompatibility and malfunctioning of the extensions used. It stops the application from working. So, you must delete the extensions from the home screen of the app.
  6. Resetting Regularly: Garageband for Windows should be regularly reset. Sometimes you may see that the software is showing automatically systematic customer preferences. And you become unable to either use the software or change the settings. So if you reset the software in this situation, the settings will automatically be restored to default options. So you will again be able to use it in a formal state.
  7. Reinstall the App: If unfortunately, any of the above solutions don’t work for you and you become hopeless for not using the application, then you can uninstall the application. After that, you may reinstall the software following the method given above. This should be the best way to get going.


So far as we have seen, the software is very professional and multifaceted. A music creator will find heaven in using the Garageband for Windows application even if he/ she does not have an Apple device.

However, there has not been any official announcement from Apple authorities to provide the software for Windows OS. But fortunately, there are some alternatives by following which, you can enjoy the feature even on Windows Laptop or Desktop.

Hope the method described above would be helpful to you. We will be happy if you share your valuable experience with us. It will also encourage us to provide you with some more interesting and useful information.

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