How to add another Face ID to iPhone or iPad Pro

There might be several reasons behind your decision to add another Face ID to iPhone or iPad Pro, such as checking your child’s activities, or maybe you want your phone to recognise you when wearing glasses or makeup, or after a dramatic haircut.

Apple provides users with the option to add one alternate Face ID appearance per device, but not more than that. However, there are some restrictions on this. Firstly, you will not be able to add a Face ID of yourself while wearing a mask, since the iPhone will recognise that your face is obstructed. Also, you cannot limit the second person’s permissions, because both IDs will have total and near-instant access to that iPhone or iPad Pro. Therefore, make sure that the second person is completely trustworthy.

How to add another Face ID to iPhone or iPad Pro

Adding two Face IDs to iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to the Settings mobile application, scroll down to the third section to find the section that reads Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Tap on this section, and you will be prompted to type in your passcode prior to proceeding. You will not be able to use your face to unlock this menu, and a password is required.
  3. Find the option that reads Set up an Alternate Appearance and click on it. The device will then redirect either you or your trusted person through the necessary steps that are needed to add their Face ID.
  4. If you instead see an option called Reset Face ID, that means you already have two Face IDs set up on the device. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have an option to delete one face profile and save the other. You will have to remove both before adding two new Face IDs.
  5. In order to create the second Face ID, either you or the other person must look straight ahead at the camera with your face centred directly in the frame. You will be prompted to rotate your face slowly in a circle until the iPhone indicates that it obtained a clear and workable portrait of your face. Tap on Continue, and repeat the process to finish your Face ID profile.

Note that if you are physically unable to rotate your neck, you can tap on Accessibility Options on the screen to learn about an alternative method to capture your Face ID.


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