How To Download and Install Minecraft for Chromebook?

It is definite that Chromebook is not ideal for Minecraft as it does not have an application for Minecraft that is written in Java. Even though the Chromebook laptops may not suit the best with them but certainly the producers are able to give you this facility to some extent if you want to have Minecraft for Chromebook.  

In case you are a very big fan of Minecraft and tinker might be a problem for you that Chromebook is definitely not built for you at all.  On the other hand, you have no problem with tinker, for once you can try your hands-on Minecraft in Chromebook. 

Developer mode and Linux version:


minecraft for chromebook

If you go on the Mojang website they have clearly described that Chromebook is not compatible with Minecraft and even after that you want to play the game on Chromebook than you have to shift to the developer mode and also you will have to download the Linux version to continue. Do remember that when you download a Linux desktop version you all most destroy the purpose of Chromebook because their basic nature is to work alone. Also having two systems, one Linux and other Chromebook can make things a bit complex for you. learn how to install imovies on chromebook.

On the other hand, if you are a permanent who is ready to experiment and like to mess with your computer and tweak is not at all the problem with you then you will definitely enjoy this pattern. As you have access to both Chrome OS and also to the default basic Linux system, therefore you can easily switch between the two systems, and enjoy ever you like. To install the Linux system first you have to keep the laptop on the developer mode and then download the Linux from Crouton.

How to Download Minecraft on Chromebook

It would take you less than five have Minecraft on Chromebook on your laptop. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. You need to enable the Linux system:

The first step for you would be to have the Linux system in your laptop, that can be done by the way mentioned above and you have to enable that system, so that can be done through your settings. In would be available somewhere below your play store settings.  

If you are doing this process for the first time that the Chromebook would take a bit of time to install everything on its system.  If you are q second-time using it would be quick. 

Once you have done this you can open the terminal that you will find among your apps. see this guideline.

  1. Black screen:

If your terminal shows you a black screen then there is no need to worry at all about it at all, if you follow the steps mentioned below everything will be sorted out. 

  1. Your first step should be set the time zone. To perform the same, you need to type the text below and click enter. 

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

  1. The next step should be to update your system, for this again you need to type the text mentioned below and press enter.  

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

  1. Your third step consists of typing the following text and install the appropriate file by pressing enter. 

sudo apt-get install apt-file

  1. In the fourth step type ‘sudo apt-file update’.  By doing this, you will be able to upload the desired file by pressing enter. 
  2. The final step would be to install the java-8-JDK, for this use the text ‘sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk’ and press enter. 
  3. Download Minecraft for Chromebook

After performing all the steps that are mentioned above, this is the most important thing that has to be done. Now you need to download the Minecraft app.  For doing so you need to make use of Linux or Debian where you can find it as Minecraft.deb.

  1. Placing files in Linux

Once your file has been downloaded make sure that your files are placed under the Linux files, that you find under the play store file. Once you see that your files are placed in the specified place now you can easily make use of them.  Click at the desired file, make sure it is a right-click, then you will have an option to install with Linux. 

  1. After installing:

Once you have installed the Linux file you will be able to see the desired app along with the other apps.  It would carry a weird logo of a penguin; you will not be able to change it but now you can launch Minecraft and its ready to be used. 

You can also run Minecraft through Android Runtime:

We discussed above that Linux might be the only option for you to run the Minecraft on the Chromebook.  But it is not true to much extent as Google is trying to develop an Android runtime for Chrome that might allow Android app to run on Chrome OS. Not to disappoint you but the Android runtime can only help you with a very small number of apps. Cutting short this problem and taking this opportunity the Chromebook has developed a new runtime that you allow these options to some extent. 

Also, you will find the Minecraft for Chromebook in the pocket edition of this runtime by Chromebook.  

It is estimated that this develop with time to an advanced level and definitely, it would gain more compatibility for Minecraft in Chromebook. There might be a possibility that we even have a package Minecraft’s Android app in future that is made by Chromebook along with the Minecraft developers. So, let’s wait for the updates. 

Some final Words

Definitely playing Minecraft for Chromebook is not that a marvellous experience but it absolutely not that bad for anyone.  Also, different versions of Chromebook have different compatibility levels with the Minecraft. I hope that now you understand how easy it is for one to download a Minecraft for Chromebook, it just depends on how would you be able to manage the two systems well together. 


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