How to Download iMessage For Chromebook

iMessage is a fantastic service over the Chromebook that can reconnect the relations with your friends, relatives and family members. This messaging service can increase the pace of networking in this tech-savvy world. Not only this, this service works more effectively once the new update version is being installed. But, working over iMessage on the platforms other than Apple would turn out to be complicated. Also, not everyone can afford the high price tagged Apple gadgets. iMessage for Chromebook is not possible right now but there are different indirect means to have it.

In this article, we will have a brief overview about how can behave quick access to iMessage over Chromebook and what is the functioning of iMessage application on the Chromebook. we have also covered facetime for chromebook tutorial.

iMessage On Chromebook


imessage chromebook

iMessage is a new way of having a conversation with someone in an innovative manner. You can send stickers, share songs and pictures to your friends. Unfortunately, this application can only be used by the Mac users, which is available on Apple devices such as iPod touch, iPhone, Mac laptop and iPad.

To download iMessage on Chromebook from your cell, you need to update your iOS version and then log into your App Store using your Apple ID. You can have automatic access to the app drawer, which comprises of all the necessary services which are mentioned below:

1.        Music: All the songs available on your playlist can be shared over iMessage to your friends.

2.        Photos: You can quickly add pictures to the text messages to add fun in the conversation.

3.        Apple Pay: You can pay for the in-built premium services available on the application to the Apple Pay.

4.        Store: Many iMessage applications can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

5.        #images: You can also share some exciting GIF’s to make the messages funnier.

iMessage Chromebook App

imessage on chromebook

All the iMessage applications can be quickly accessed and downloaded from your favorite and reorder in the app drawer to manage operations. Now let’s have a look at some of the crucial steps that can help you manage and organize the iMessage apps effectively on your device:

1.        Firstly, you need to swipe left with your finger in the app drawer and go to the three-dot icon on the top of your Apple device.

2.        Now, tap on that button and the top right corner, click on the editing options.

3.        In case you wish to add something to your favorite list, click on the plus sign. Also, to remove something from the app drawer, tap minus button and then click on the Remove from favorite.

4.        If you are planning to reorder your app list in the iMessage service, you have to touch, hold and then drag the app in the order of the list.

5.        For hiding something in your list turn it off. And, you are editing and rearranging has been done.

Steps to Delete iMessage Applications

Given below are some of the steps that can help you not only to delete any app from the app drawer list but also hide the previous history of app downloads along with it:

1.        Click on Messages.

2.        Now, tap on the Edit icon and start writing a new message or you can just write something in your existing conversation.

3.        Then, go swipe to the three-dot icon on the left side of your screen and look for the application you wish to delete from the app. Tap on the Delete button.

4.        You can also delete the text messages on iMessage just like you have eliminated the apps.

iMessage can be used as a medium for secure messaging over Apple devices. Also, you are free to exchange SMS or MMS messages over Mac. This platform offers you an unlimited transfer of signals to the people living far away from your place. You need to have iMessage app over your Apple device and a good network connection for it.

iMessage Chromebook Download

Here are some guiding steps that can help you to access iMessage on your Chromebook but you need to make some extra effort for the same.

1.        You need to download Chrome Remote Desktop on your Apple devices from the chrome play store.

2.        Download the application quickly and then install it on your computer. Then, tap on the Launch button to start working on the app.

3.        You are free to download Chrome Remote Desktop on the device and read all the steps and instructions of installation to initiate the setup process.

4.        Once everything is ready from setup, you need to enter the code of your Mac computer’s host in the Chrome Remote Desktop located in the Chromebook in order to build a secure connection.

Method of reading iMessage over the Chromebook

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a fantastic software that can be used to transfer files from your Mac device and read it into the Chromebook. It is an effective means for data recovery and transfers to any of your iOS devices to reduce the chances of data loss and increase the security of your data. Not only this, it acts as a backup support system for Apple users by ensuring 100 % safety and accuracy in the usage of the software. Selecting and previewing the data is all part of the data recovery system.

Some Final Words

Although, there is no easy way to have iMessage for Chromebook still you can go for either of the methods as mentioned above to access the application. You can do a comparative study of the two ways and choose what suits the best for you. Where downloading the iMessage software using a Chrome Remote desktop only works if you are a Chromebook user. And, Leawo iOS Data Recovery can be made to extract unlimited messages from iMessage from your Apple device. Not only this, Leawo iOS data recovery system is the most convenient means to finish the data recovery process in seconds.


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