How To Facetime Multiple People At Same Time (Group Video Call Feature)

Willing to connect with a person who is far away from you? Or want to recall the olden days of your childhood with your bestie who is residing in the USA. Don’t worry advanced technological innovation has made everything possible. 

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to add multiple people in facetime for group video chat. With the latest features, a user can connect to about 32 people at a time and talk for hours. Isn’t it an amazing concept? You will be surprised to see how so many people can be connected at a time and they can enter into a conversation for a long time without any interruption.

Perhaps the iPhone is presumed to be the best device in the present technological world. It has some awesome features that are completely different from the others. Let’s have a look at it.

How to make group video call in facetime

Facetime is considered to be a very interesting invention in the present tech world. Two- way video communications is allowed between two users of Apple devices. It has also been observed that the idea of facetime three ways is quite lucrative among most of the people.

  • In the first step, the user can start a call by simply placing a normal call to your contact.
  • Then the call is received you can immediately start to add another call and the previous person is also in the same line.
  • While the second person attends the call, the user can select the Merge Calls on the touch screen. So now the user has three-way of teleconferencing through iPhone.
  • Apart from this, if you wish to join other people who are in the room to join the conversation then just click on the loudspeakers. Now there are a number of people who are attending the conversation. It is really a matter of great interest.

Facetime has also made the whole thing much cheaper in the conference call. It may be quite expensive if a person called others individually. check the following video to understand how to do it.

  • The user must also keep this in mind that there may be some type of disturbances in facetime if there are connection or network issues. It may happen at any time.
  • The concept of facetime is just rocking in the entire world. This service is being availed by all age groups of people and they are highly satisfied with the service.

There are certain things that a user should always keep in mind.

  1. Firstly facetime android and facetime windows won’t have this feature.
  2. The age of the device matters to a great extent. If the age of the device is 10 years, then a ten- minute facetime call will take about 20-25 MB of data.
  3. This facility is not available in countries like Pakistan, United Arab Emirate or UAE and Saudi Arabia due to some IP restrictions.

Leaving all this, the service is really fabulous from all end. If the app gets deleted, then no further charge will be taken for redownloading it. 

How much data does group facetime use?

well, in this case, data will be used on heavy bases. we are strongly recommend to use WiFi or unlimited LTE to place facetime group call. it will consume very huge data and limited data will capped the speed as well. in general case, group video calls from facetime consumes 30MB / Min (here we are dealing more than two people and less than five people).

Kindly note that placing group facetime call may drain your battery faster than usual terms. facetime group call requires a lot of cpu to usage as it has to render and telecast video from different place and different environment.

group facetime not working

There are multiple reasons why group facetime won’t work sometimes. we have collected few of them so that you can get help which one you should correct.

iOS version must be above 12

in order to use group facetime, you must have latest version of iOS. people who don’t have latest version should have atleast their iPhones with 12.03 above. as apple known for latest technology, these won’t work on older devices.

LTE Connection Might BE WEAK

as we mentioned above, adding multiple contacts in facetime video call would definitely consume more and heavy data. if your LTE connection or mobile data is slow then its not possible to add multiple people in facetime.

Person / Country Might Have Blocked You

Facetime won’t work on the certain eastern countries and their devices respectively. There are some banned over group facetime calls in many countries as well. ask your network provider if you don’t know about the rule.

That’s all for this article. hope you can enjoy to talk with your friends, families and working buddies together. comment if you find any trouble while adding multiple people on facetime. we are happy to solve it.

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