How to facetime on Mac?

In this article you will learn how Facetime on MAC to make video and audio calls using Facetime app on your Mac. for that you need to have a basic requirement. Your Mac device have must good internet speed (we prefer WIFI) and should connect with a microphone or camera. then create Apple ID and sign in with them. Facetime for Mac is a great application and requires no technical knowledge to operate.

The facetime app built in your Mac OS and it’s allowed to make an audio & video call to communicate with your loveable person on your Apple’s gadget. If you want to give a new twist to your conversation, try it out and follow this guidance to make the conversation more personal.

Setup Your Facetime App For Mac OS

Getting started with facetime it’s quite easy and simple steps that you will need to follow.

  1. Open the Facetime app on your Mac. it will appear on your screen by default. otherwise, press Command+Space key at the same time and type Facetime.
  2. Click the “Preferences” option by clicking on “Facetime” menu.
  3. Make sure your Apple’s ID is enabled before clicking on “Preference” option. You can make changes in your Facetime app such as start new calls, set a custom ringtone for your incoming calls, and also block unwanted people by clicking on the “Blocked” tab.

How To Make a Call in Facetime?

  • Open Facetime app on your Mac.
  • If you want to place a video call then click on “Video” option otherwise click on “Audio” option.

  • Choose your contact name, number, email id which you make a call. otherwise, type manually in the search bar.
  • Then select iPhone or Camera icon to generate the call.

  • These ways you can initiate the video & audio call using facetime app.

How to add an Email Address to Facetime?

You have Mac OS but don’t have an idea about how to use Facetime app then? we are here to help you. before access Facetime app you should add your email address in the profile section. Just go through these steps.

  • Firstly, open the Facetime app

  • Select the “Preferenceoption which displays by clicking on “Facetime” menu.

  • You will appear new tab where you will have to enter your Apple’s Email Address by clicking on the “Add Email” option.

  1. It’s done.

How To Set The Ringtone in Facetime?

Through this step, you can add a custom ringtone on your facetime app instead of by default apple tone. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Open Facetime app
  • the same process, you will have to enter in “Facetime” option and click on “Preference” option.
  • Click on Ringtone option listed in drop-down menu.
  • Select your ringtone which you wish to set as incoming tone.
  • Now it’s done.

How To Set Your Current Location in Facetime?

open Facetime app on your Mac.

Click on “Preference” option to click “Facetime”

click on Location option listed in drop-down menu.

Choose your specific location.

Make Your Facetime App as Default for Calls

  • Open Facetime app in your Mac OS.
  • As it is clicked on “Preference” option avail to changes in Facetime.
  • Select “Default for calls” option to change by default option.

  • Done. if you have any queries regarding Facetime app don’t hesitate to ask in below given comment section.

How To Make a Group FaceTime call?

  1. Open your Facetime app.
  2. Enter the contact person details such name, email ID, mobile number.
  3. Click on Audio or Video  icon to start your Facetime call.
  4. Then add another person to interact in groups
  5. These ways you can enjoy Groups call.

That Concludes Facetime App On MAC Laptop and Computer, If you’re looking for Facetime On PC, Then check the main page of our website.

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