How to fix iOS 14’s issue of battery draining

According to a support document from Apple, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant has admitted that iPhones seem to have a relatively poor battery performance. However, the company has provided a solution on iPhones after the latest iOS 14 update on its website. Several users stated that they were experiencing battery drain problems on their devices after upgrading to iOS 14, which Apple has now acknowledged.

How to fix iOS 14’s issue of battery draining

The support document does have a solution to this problem, but it does not require users to make changes in the settings or turn any particular feature either on or off. Instead, Apple is telling you to take a backup of your iPhone running iOS 14, wipe it clean by resetting it, and then set up the phone all over again to reboot its software

Apple has identified seven main problems that iPhone users may be experiencing after installing iOS 14. Most of the issues are related to missing health and workout data, coupled with inaccurate data from the Health application. The root cause of the increased battery drain is most likely the seventh problem traced by Apple, which seems to be causing an increasing degree of discomfort amongst iPhone users who upgraded to the new update.

Problems that are related to the Apple Watch and watchOS7 have also been recently discovered and if you are experiencing more than one problem, Apple’s advice such users is to unpair the Apple Watch, back up the data to iCloud, and conduct a factory reset. After doing this, Apple has recommended restoring both the iPhone and the Apple Watch from the latest round of backup.Apple has issued a new iOS 14.0.1 update that does contain some bug fixes, but it fails to fix the battery drain issue very comprehensively. If you happen to be experiencing massive battery drain issues, you are recommended to follow the steps provided by Apple on their support document in order to get your iPhone and Apple Watch to behave normally again. Apple has already faced similar battery drain problems with previous iOS releases and has witnessed very similar problems. That being said, not every iPhone user seems to be facing this problem, but you should still take a backup of your phone, reset it, and restore your data so that you do no face another issue of battery drain in the near future.

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