How To Share Screen on Facetime [Video Guide]

Are you aware of the term “screen sharing or share screen”?. Let us first make the concept clear. Screen sharing is the process by which one can share the screen with you. To be more clear suppose you have a desktop that displays both your screen and someone else screen. so let’s follow the detailed tutorial on how to Share Screen on Facetime without losing time.

Now if the screen sharer gives the permission, then you both can take action on the same screen.  It seems that both of you are sitting side by side, but both are quite far from each other.

See mere showing of the screen is something different, but once you give a person to share the screen you must be well aware of his intention. Once he will start sharing the screen he will be well aware of the passwords along with the hard drives and other related documents.

With the invention of the latest devices and technologies, it seems that work has become much easier and connecting people is just a matter of a few seconds.

Why should one share a screen with another?

Indeed, it is a very valid question. There are ample reasons behind facetime share screen. Let us try to know some of them.

  • In most of the corporate matter, it is seen that while there is a problem in solving a question then you have to share it with someone who can solve it.
  • On the other side if you also wish to show someone the steps to solve a problem, then screen sharing is a very good option.
  • Most of the time screen sharing is done for professional collaboration.
  • From the personal side, if you wish to show a video that is quite confidential then screen sharing is quite applicable.
  • Through screen sharing, you can easily share a particular video or mail with a specific person.
  • You can share the photos or documents with one who is included in your friend-list.

share screen on facetime

Screen time mainly appears as a virtual webcam in our device. If you click it you will see that there is a Facetime HD camera. Now select the screen time and you are all set to use it.

Most of the Apple users can easily download it in their mobiles. If you wish then you can share screen time with your desktop via facetime. In such a case it is not necessary that your friend has facetime.

We have created Facetime Screen Share Video as many of our visitors didn’t find the proper way to invite option on imessage.

Once you start using it you will really feel very nice and relaxing at the same time. The whole matter is very friendly.

Top Features of screen time:

There are some important features of screen time. Let us try to know some of them.

  1. Screen time will let you monitor various display activities on the screen.
  2. Screen time will also let the user apply clever video posts. In such a situation your friend will be surprised to get such a fun activity even if the connection is low.
  3. It will also let the webcam to show Picture in Picture or PIP on your screen. With this, your friend will be able to see your picture and desktop at the same time.

Screen Sharing on MacBook

With Apple’s built-in macOS screen sharing you get that option in addition to quickly being able to switch from viewing their screen to sharing yours. To do this, make sure the ‘Screen Sharing’ box is checked in System Preferences → Sharing. Also, if the Apple ID they use for iCloud and Messages on the Mac is different, you’ll need to have both emails on their contact card on your Mac. Do a Spotlight search for Screen Sharing and launch it.

Follow the steps carefully to understand how to share screen on facetime app:

First of all you need to open the Messages app.

Locate and open a conversation with the recipient or start a new one by sending them a message.

Click the “details” button in the upper right corner.

Tap the double-screen icon.

Choose whether you want to see their screen or you want them to see yours.

The recipient will receive a request that pops up just like an iMessage notification in the top right of their screen which they can “Accept” or “Decline”

How to record facetime screen

That’s really good thing when you’ve iOS ans OSx that you can record your screen. its easy to record screen while sharing screen on facetime. follow theh below steps to do it.

Record Screen on iPhone: Before placing the call make sure you start the process. hover up to notification center and click on record button. if you don’t have record button then follow the steps from image.

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iphone screen recording tutorial

Record Screen on MAC: In-Order to record screen smoothly you must have the latest version of Mojave.

press Shift-Command (⌘)-5 on your keyboard to see all the controls you need to record video and capture still images of your screen.

Use these keys if you want to record the entire screen, record a selected part, or record a static image of screen. If you haven’t upgraded to Mojave, you can record the screen with QuickTime Player.

This is it, Part of the journey is the end. tutorial is finished. hope you guys like this awesome how to share screen in facetime. feel free to comment your issues. we would really like to reply 😉

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