How to solve iMessage waiting for activation error

It is generally seen, while you are setting up your new iPhone or you have changed your phone number and carrier, you face the issue of iMessage activation or FaceTime activation.

There are a number of messages and notification that might occur to indicate the activation issue, but the most common one is – iMessage waiting for activation. It appears in the iMessage panel, in the settings application.

The other error messages that you could come across might read, Activation Unsuccessful or An Error Occurred while Activation and could not Sign-in, please check your internet connection.

They all simply indicate that there is an issue with your iMessage and it cannot work properly. This could be really irritating and annoying when the user comes to learn that their iMessage is not working. They search in for ways to solve this error. If you are also facing a hard time with this problem, here we are, presenting before you the methods to come over this annoying error.

Before Moving Further with The Ways to Solve the Error, Learn Few Things!

  • Make it a point, to get your number listed in the phone app. To do so, you need to go to Settings> Phone> Your Name and enter the Number.
  • Check out for the time zone. Make it a point to have the correct Date and Time on your phone. For setting the Date and Time automatically, you will be required to go to the Settings> General> Date and Time> Set Date and Time Automatically.
  • For some of the users, the SMS that will be sent out for activation requires international SMS charges, be sure that your carrier supports this and you have got enough balance to do so.
  • Also, be sure about the balance in your phones if you are using pre-paid plans of your carrier.

iMessage Activation Error Solution

As we have learned some of the small but important points before carrying out the major techniques for solving the problem, now get into the actual process of getting things done.

Check out for the proper internet connection.

  • The very first thing you are required to do is, check whether your internet connection is stable and perfect or not. Because the iMessage needs a very good and stable internet connection to work smoothly.
  • To do so, just go to Settings> Wi-Fi/ Cellular> Switch off the Wi-Fi/ cellular > Reboot the connection system> Switch on.
  • Try to activate iMessage. If the problem still shows up, you will be required to reset network settings.
  • Go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings> Enter your Passcode> Confirm.

Update the carrier settings of your iPhone.

  • It is important that your Wi-Fi/ Cellular is enabled in your device.
  •  Drag down the status bar on your iPhone’s screen, tap on the Wi-Fi or Cellular icon, to enable the connection.
  • Then, tap on about. If there is an update available, you will get notified.
  • See the version of carrier settings, next to the carrier.
  • Whenever you will insert a new SIM card in your phones, you will be asked to set carrier settings.
  • Update those carrier settings.

Turn off/on your iMessage and Hard reset your iPhone.

  • Give a fresh restart to your iPhone and iMessage.
  • Go to, Settings> Messages> Turn off the iMessage.
  • Now, you need to reboot your iOS device.
  • To reboot, for the 6 series or earlier, press the power button and home button together for 10 seconds.
  • For the 7 series, press and hold the volume down button and home button together, for around 10 seconds.
  • For iPhone series 8 to X, press volume down and power button to select the reset option.
  • Turn off the device. And the hard reset is complete.
  • Restart the device, and turn on the iMessage.

Try out the Software Update.

  • Updating your software is the best and trusted trouble-shooter for many of the issues occurring in the device.
  • Go to Settings> General> Software Update.
  • Then, install the available update, like every time.
  • After successfully updating the system, the problem must get resolved.

Sign out and Sign-in the Apple ID.

  • This has proved to be miraculous, for some of the users facing a similar problem. You have to check its your email id used by imessage. see if you want to change email of apple id.
  • Go to Settings> Message, scroll down to where it reads, Send and Receive.
  • Tap on to “Send and Receive”.
  • Tap to your Apple ID, press Sign out.
  • Now, switch off the iMessage.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then turn on your iMessage.
  • Enter the details of your Apple ID.
  • Reactivate your iMessage.

If none of the above trouble-shooters works then what to do?

If all the above-mentioned methods and techniques have failed in your case, then your problem is the hard one to crack. So, for tough problems you need tough solutions and measures.

  • Go to Settings> General> tap on Reset> tap on Erase all content and Settings> Enter the passcode> Confirm.
  • Set-up your device, as desired.
  • You can also restore your iPhone through iTunes.
  • To do that you need to connect your device to Computer> fire iTunes> select the device> press Restore iPhone> Confirm.
  • Once, your device is set-up completely and perfectly, enable the iMessage.

Hope, this technique will help you solve the problem of iMessage not activating or iMessage not working. It is advisable, to opt for the last technique, only and only if the other methods did not show up with desired results. Check if Facetime Screen Share is working or not.

Final Words

           iMessage waiting for activation is the most frequently showed error if your iPhone is facing a problem with iMessage. We tried giving you the solid solutions to your problem, by discussing the five general ways and one strict method (recommended only if, other methods do not give results) to resolve the issue of iMessage not activating or iMessage not working, in your iPhone. Try out these methods to solve the issues regarding iMessage application easily. Do let us know in comment section if you find any issues while activating imessage.


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