How to update Toca Life World

Toca Life World is a game application that works to spark the imagination of children by offering them the opportunity to create stories and build their own worlds with Toca Life World.

With Toca Life World, players can do absolutely anything that they want to, such as giving grandma a wild hairstyle, taking a sloth to the Skate Park, bring a pet to school, or even something as simple as hanging out with friends. They can make storylines and create worlds according to their creativity and imagination.When it comes to locations, there is a wide range of options for interested users. One can head to Bop City, a vibrant city region that has 8 different locations that you can discover, such as the shopping mall and food court, the hairdresser, or even an apartment. It is a good stepping stone when you are learning how to build a world in the app.

How to update Toca Life World

Besides Toca Life: City, other popular locations include Hospital, Stable, Farm, Vacation, School, Town, Office, Pets, After School, and Neighbourhood. If you plan on using and playing on more than one app, that will not be a problem, because when you download Toca Life World, the appl will help you bring all of your data into the mega-app. Then, you will be able to mix and match locations and characters to create many new storylines.

Recently, Toca Life: City received an update, following which there are plenty of new things to discover:

  1. Screen recording: Kids will now be able to record their every move and save the stories they create in case they want to share their activities with friends or engage in some personal reflection.
  2. Life Weekly: This feature can be found in the top right corner of the Start screen, and provides kids with fun insights into the world of Toca Life: City, such as fun videos and tips, as well as inside scoops.
  3. The Theatre: In this brand-new location, kids can experiment and have loads of fun in the costume closet. They can also select their favourite backdrop to set the theme according to their preference. They will discover fun hats, change costumes, and prepare themselves for their grand performance.


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