How to Use Snipping Tool for Chromebook

Is there a Snipping Tool for Chromebook? This is a question that people often ask. Actually, the answer is yes. In this article, I want to show you how to install and use Snipping Tool on Chromebooks including ChromeOS devices such as the Acer C720P, ASUS Chromebox 3, and Lenovo N20p.

Before we get started, I have to tell you that Snipping Tool for Chromebook is not the official Snipping Tool from Windows. It was built on its own and it works in a way different than the original Snipping Tool for desktop.

Snipping Tool for Chromebook is developed by Google’s open-source project Chromium OS and released as an app on Chrome Web Store.

The main difference between this tool and a regular one is that it can only take screenshots of a single window or part of a window. You can use it only to take a full-screen screenshot.

But if you need to take screenshots of multiple windows or whole desktop at once, or maybe edit screenshots and save them, then this tool is not for you. You don’t even need this app if you’re on Chrome OS. The regular Snipping Tool for ChromeOS is there and free as well.

How to download and install the Snipping Tool for Chromebook


In order to take screenshots with this app, you need to have a Chromebook with Chrome OS version 44 or later. Below is the reason why it’s version 44 and not an earlier one.

After getting your device, do a few things first. First, you need to install the Chrome browser from here . Then complete the installation and sign in with your Google account.

Next is enabling developer mode on your Chromebook.
To enable developer mode, you need to type the following command and hit Enter.


it will look like the following image.

snipping tool chromebook

If you need to know more about developer mode, this is a really good article for you. You can also search Google for more information.

Well, it’s time to install the snipping tool app on your Chromebook. First, visit this link and download it from there. Save the file somewhere on your device and make sure you don’t put save as in front of it.

Then you need to double-click the downloaded file and go through the installation process. Here is the important part. You need to accept an option that allows you to install apps from other sources apart from Google’s Chrome Web Store.

So, once you press Install, your device will start downloading the app from here instead of from Chrome Web Store. Don’t worry about this; it’s perfectly safe and secure because you already agreed to it.

Partial Screenshot on chrome OS

Select control and then that button and then as you can see right here a screenshot was taken and the full screen shot is available we can open it.

Other Method:

Step 1 Press Ctrl + Shift + show all windows symbol on your keyboard.

Step 2 Then drag your cursor over the area of the screen you want to capture.

This is it. i hope you guys like the tutorial. please share it with your friends.


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