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we have received a lot of request regarding and minecraft association. we would like you to inform that this is genuine link and you can go through it easily. Login and Help. Enter your code and learn how to fix the error to enable Minecraft Crossplay on PS4, Windows PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Two common causes of this error are switching devices and activating the crossplay features for the first time. However, these errors also manifest when attempting to use PlayStation or Nintendo devices.

How to solve remoteconnect is not an problem. its just an authentication developed by microsoft to prevent your security and identity on minecraft video game. it’s really good option first of all so don’t be panic.

gamer just have to click on the link and follow the redirect. please note that it will redirect several time so if your browser not supporting redirects then you should have to use another updated browser (like chrome or safari).

after the redirection, it will lead you to sign in. which is basically your microsoft’s account credentials. after entering the id (email) and password, you’ll be able to play minecraft game as before.

thanks for reading. this is simple guide to clear the remoteconnect issues.


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