Alternatives to iMovie for Chromebook: Top 10 Online video editors

Chromebook is a unique concept designed by Google which is basically a notebook brand with web application service which works on a Google Chrome OS system. The computer manufacturers that have released these books are Acer, Dell, HP and Samsung. Chromebooks are similar to the regular laptops available except for the fact that it does not particularly work on any installed software. check imessage for chromebook

Therefore, it does not take much time in booting and opens within few seconds of start. This also means it needs specific software for everything say for editing videos and movies it requires iMovie for Chromebook. As it predominantly consists of a Chrome browser, for every other thing can be used to perform a variety of functions including editing of videos, checking emails, editing a document and using other web-based features.

Top 10 Altrnatives to iMovie On Chromebook


 iMovie On Chromebook

Check out the given iMovie alternatives that work smoothly on Chromebook. Since Chromebook is a notebook that works on cloud it is not possible to download or install any application. Therefore, editing of videos have to be solely done online. So, mentioned below are the top 10 iMovie online alternatives for a Chromebook:


Wevideo is an amazing online video editor that can be used as an alternative on a Chromebook. With the help of this editor you can literally upload and edit any video anytime, anywhere. It is very simple and easy to operate with very less skill set required.

The beauty of this editor is that simply let’s you unite pictures, video and music into a beautiful video which you can upload on platforms such as YouTube, Dropbox etc.


Clipchamp is a less complicated video editor that can be used by almost anyone to edit videos on the Chromebook without any assistance. It provides you with a long list of exciting features such as you can win free video credits by simply inviting your friends to use it. It also permits individual to edit 5 videos monthly.

This is a totally free alternative to iMovie for Chromebook which provides all basic tools essential for video editing and also allows you to buy more elements.


This is another iMovie alternative which consists of a classic user interface with fully-fledged features and in addition also contains an offline video editing software. It has an extensive compatibility not just limiting itself to chromebook’s web browser but is also compatible with others such as internet explorer, Firefox etc.

Just like clipchamp, here also we can upload the edited videos on YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms. Another significant feature is that it also provides us the option to share videos through DVD disc.


For performing simple tasks such as cutting, filtering and encoding tasks the video editor that would turn out beneficial KS Avidemux. It is a simple video editor where in existing videos can be edited efficiently with slight modifications as per the requirement.


For those who would like to work on movie projects, this editor is totally convenient since it allows you to assemble various video clips into an actual video. Videos edited through this editor can directly be uploaded on YouTube.  It is considered a great alternative to iMovie for Chromebook.


Shotcut is another astonishing editor which is basically a non-linear video editor that aids numerous audio and video formats. Its features include do not disturb mode, drag and drop feature, image masking, multitrack editing visual timeline and various video filters. It also accounts for low CPU usage and pan-tilt zoom camera feature.

DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci editor is an advanced video editor which is suitable for performing various functions such as color correction, editing as well as audio post production. Initially developed for Hollywood’s elite colorists, now also finds its application in feature films and TV shows. DaVinci resolve 14 is typically designed for implementation in the areas of film and television post production packed with new Fairlight audio tools for special purpose application.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro is a new revolution to in the world of video editing with faster speed, being more powerful with numerous features that include streamline color grading, improved media management and a redesigned timeline. With the assistance of this software, you can swiftly sync your settings and shortcuts to any computer and also get complete access to the latest features once they are released.  It is a basic non-linear video editor whose user interface simply let’s you focus on your creativity and helps you stay organized powerful media management options.

Windows movie maker:

Another interesting video editor synonymous to iMovie for Chromebook is the windows movie maker. It is a captivating editor for those who love to make home movies. A very simple to use software where in just few steps of drag and drop you can actually create an amazing video. All you need to do is to include the best scenes possible and delete the bad shots. Windows movie maker allows you to edit and share your home movies on your computer itself. Sharing of the home movie could be done by email, Web or even a CD. It has windows XP compatibility and also allows you to turn your movies into DVDs using any third-party software.

Final Cut Pro X:

Final Cut Pro x is a professional platform for video editing art and is basically a non-linear video editing software. It provides exceptional features such as non-destructive editing with any compatible video formats such as HDV, DVD, XD CAMS, 2K film formats and P2 MXF. It also supports multi-camera editing from various camera sources for better editing and simultaneously supports up-to 99 audio tracks along with composite video tracks. Some of the most important features include keyframe animation, unlimited layers, linear and non-linear editors as well as non- linear representations.

Some final words:

Thus, these are few of the iMovie alternatives that can be easily employed on a Chromebook for a whole new experience in the field of video editing. For those who love to edit videos, create home movies or even take this as a professional career, these software can definitely serve as an assistance to them. check facetime on chromebook if you liked this article.


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