Download Keynotes for Windows PC (Fresh Guide)

Keynote is an exclusive product of Apple; it means if you desire to run this program on Windows, you have to know some tricks. In simple words, it is nearly impossible to run a keynote on Windows with simple processes. In this article, you will know how to get Keynotes for Windows.

Keynote, being a product of Apple, provides a simple and easy interface that makes the work easy. This application is used to make powerful and elegant slideshow presentations. It is an inbuilt software in Mac computers, so you don’t have to work extra to get the facility. This software raises as a great choice for people in recent times.

When it comes to the facility, you get everything you can possibly need. Sometimes, people need to convert their presentations into something else. This facility is also provided here. Any kind of keynote file can easily be converted to the PowerPoint of Microsoft. These things prove why Keynotes for Windows are so much exciting.

Get The Keynote On Your Windows PC


As it is an application under the banner of Apple that’s why you are going to need an Apple ID to initiate this whole process. However, if you don’t have an Apple ID then first create one and then sign in to by using that Apple ID.

Take the help of the browser

When you log in to by using your brand new Apple ID, you are eligible to use a keynote on your computer. This version is called the browser-based edition of the keynote. For the users who always venture in these applications, this is nothing new for them.

PowerPoint of Microsoft also provides the same facility. You can access the PowerPoint online web app by logging into the browser. This facility is provided for the benefit of people. The main motto is to serve people with better service than they usually expect.

Make Powerful Presentations

This software is famous because of its simple interface. You don’t have to be a pro to use this software. You just have to download the keynote first into your PC. When you are done with downloading, you will find astonishing templates in the software which will absolutely blow your mind.

You can get hundreds of professional templates by just one simple click. It provides you with the flexibility to choose things according to your priority. The most amazing part is that you don’t have to be a pro to work like a pro.

We can assume that more than a few people already told you that you can’t access keynote on Windows Operating System as a keynote is made for macOS.  But now you are going to learn how can you bring Keynotes for Windows on your computer.

Besides PowerPoint and keynotes, this web-based facility is provided in many more other applications like pages and numbers. Like we mentioned before you don’t have to be a pro to work like a pro. You just have some basic ideas and skills and then you will be able to move smoothly across the software.

Customize according to your choice

Once you log in successfully then there is nothing that can stop you from creating your masterpiece. Useful tips to handle the software and a ride to the whole of the templates will be provided when you first shoot a glance at the software.

You get everything you can possibly need. Still, if you don’t like the templates you can create on your own. When you proceed to the home screen, you will see an option called “Create Presentation” and you have to venture in there to justify your need. Browser iCloud is regarded to be one of the most used webpage based on software in terms of presentations.

Easy upload and editing facility

A bunch of simple facilities makes the Keynotes software unique to the rest. Where in other software, you have to go through some steps to upload a file to the browser, but here you won’t work even that much. You can upload any kind of the file to the browser just by dragging that file to the browser.

When you are done with dragging the file to the browser, you can access the file for the purpose of editing online. Editing the files directly from the browser is not that complex at all.

Save and get printed

After editing your desired file, you can save it on your disc for using later. You also get the facility to download the file offline and share it online. Both of these facilities are necessary for today’s working life. If you feel the need then you can also make a printout copy of your file.

Apart from all these, you also get the facility of creating slideshows in this application. You just gave to switch to the slideshow mode and then you can make, exit, or present slideshows online very easily.


Using iCloud allows you to get all the facilities without even having an Apple device. This method can be used easily on the operating system like windows. Hope this article helped you to get Keynotes for Windows. Let us know, how did it help you, in the comment section below.


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