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This is an age of internet-based education and one of the positivity is reading books online or offline in mobile phones. There are many formats like pdf, epub in which soft copies of many books are available.

Some of these books need to be bought and some are free of cost. Be it in our colleges, universities, or even in other educational institutions, almost everywhere is being provided such soft-copy books.

These books are readable in phones, computers, laptops, tabs, etc. Kindle for PC is also one such reading devices which are specially made for reading books.

As a student or even as a scholar, we read them in our smartphones. We can also access them anywhere anytime without even carrying the burden on our shoulders.

A kindle is an android operated tab that is made for buying, downloading, and reading e-books. It is also used to read and view various blogs, magazines, websites, etc. It is portable and gives you a slightly modern feel as well.

Key Features of Kindle EBook Reader


  • The Kindle devices have a better LCD screen than normal smartphones.
  • It has a monochrome matte screen which shows sharp and clear texts.
  • To give the eyes relief, the glare is reduced by the device. It helps in reading for a long time with hardly any eye fatigue.
  • The Wi-Fi connection helps in accessing and downloading books easily. So it is not necessary to put a sim for internet connectivity.
  • It can store up to 1400 electronic books.
  • You can categorize the books and arrange them as your preferences.

How to Read Kindle Books on PC?

Despite of the necessary technical improvements, sometimes carrying an extra device for study becomes a burden. Carrying a laptop and a kindle with other necessary books is really hard.

There are some ways you can follow for reading the Kindle books on your PC or laptop. To make kindle reach many people the authorities have developed its multiple versions for PC, Mac, Samsung devices, etc. So the steps for reading the books of kindle on your pc are given below.

  • At first, download the Kindle for PC app from the official website. You may follow the link
  • Now, install the application on your PC and launch the program.
  • After that sign-in on the application with your Amazon account, you will see three options on the left side of the screen- ‘All items’, ‘Downloaded items’, and ‘Archived items’.
  • The archived books are stored in the Cloud section. So you need to download the book you want to read.
  • After downloading, you can read them on your computer.

Benefits of Using Kindle on Your PC

After buying a Kindle ebook reader you may think it absurd to install the application on your computer. But the desktop version of the software is beneficial in many aspects as well. The benefits you can get are described below.

  • With your PC or Laptop, the screen size becomes bigger than that of the tablet device.
  • Using only a single device for doing the reading, taking notes, highlighting important areas is difficult. But on the computer, you can do it with your mouse as well. It is easier and faster as well.
  • In desktop, you can browse any websites or hyperlinks mentioned in your books simultaneously.
  • You can also edit or resize your PDF books on your computer with the necessary software.

Things You Must Know About Kindle for PC

The layout of the software on smart devices and computers is different. After installing and signing in with your Amazon account, you must look for some necessary facts. At first, go to the Library option for checking if you have any books already downloaded. While you open a book on your PC, it gets divided into two parts – Notebook and Content of the book. You may use the Notebook section for accessing Table of Contents, Bookmark, Search, etc.

The Notebook section can be hidden by default. The Content portion of the book is resizable according to your need. So you do not need to put pressure on your eyes to look something closely. So, on the computer, you can see both the book and its contents side-by-side at the same time.

Moreover, the kindle devices give you four different colors for highlighting. The desktop version of Kindle manages PDF files very well. The zoom feature is very good.


So far we have seen that there is some positivity in using Kindle for PC or laptop. It is always better for reading study materials and books on your computer.

The larger screen helps to reduce your eye stress. So, we hope, this article will help you in having a deep look at the application and its benefits. We are looking forward to hear your valuable feedbacks.

So kindly share your experiences with Kindle book reader in the comment section given below.


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