Top 7 Alternatives to adobe acrobat for Chromebook

No doubt that PDFs have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we are reading books, reading an information booklet or viewing applications and other files. Working without PDF can seem to be hectic for today’s time. If you are the one that uses Adobe Acrobat for Chrome book, then it can be somewhat not compatible along with it.

It uses Android apps, to make it more comfortable and adaptable to the Chromebook or makes PDFs more relative with Chromebook the user has a number of easy to use tools that would allow you to edit and view the pdf. You just have to ensure that you have all the right tools in the Chromebook. 

Adobe Acrobat On Chromebook

Adobe Acrobat On Chromebook

We have come across various Chromebook extensions that can be used as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Chromebook. Each one of them has its own set of specific functions, therefore you should be clearly defined that what is your purpose of using the application.  Also, they would require a browser-based PDF format software to work with Chromebook. 

  • PDFEscape:

PDFEscape is available to the users through the browser. This app that can be used very easily would allow you to view and edit your PDF. You can add text to your document and no unwanted text would come in your way. Also, you can add images. This application would also allow you to put your signature on it and auto-fill a number of forms. The additional benefit of this alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Chromebook is that it uses very little memory.  

  • KAMI:

This Chrome extension was earlier known as notable PDF.  It would also allow you to annotate PDF rather than saving somewhere else and then shift to use it. If you online and using the extension currently than the KAMi would sync your files to the Google Drive immediately at that point. There are a lot of tools in Kami that you will find on the left-hand side of the screen, on a vertical bar. These options would easily allow the users to shift from a pen to highlighter or from a highlighter to pen.  

If you are using its free version then it would allow you to underline, strikethrough, add the text or highlight text while the paid version would be providing with some advance activities such as splitting or merging along with OCR. 


This alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Chromebook can be used for viewing and editing the PDF on Chromebook. This extension would allow to auto-fill forms, mark up PDFs, and insert signatures on Chromebook. It is a very good application if you are willing to do corporate or academic work as it allows you a very quick and easy copy, paste and selects along with that you can easily add or move your text between the notes or pages. 

  • SEJDA PDF Editor

This extension of Chromebook is another web-based app whose main motive is to provide you with fast signature options in PDF on the Chromebook platform. Other than that, this application also provides a limited number of editing options.  The two best purposes for which this can be used are:

  1. First for a corporate setting where you are required to sign a number of documents. 
  2. The other could be a parent who needs to sign the fee payment documents of their children while sitting at home. 
  3. PDF Studio

PDF Studio is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Chromebook. All the editing features you look forward to in the acrobat you will find them all in this Chromebook extension. The application would allow you to insert digital signatures, you can fill the forms and save them. It would also allow you to open the documents that are protected by a password and there are many advanced search options that you can use for your work enhancement.

  • PDF Viewer

This is an alternative from the Google Play Store and would allow all the Chromebook users to view, annotate the PDF and search them. If you double-tap and zoom in you can easily see the text that you want to view.  Also, you can make use of a stylus or your finger to mark the desired text. Also, the changes you have made can also be undone very quickly, thus the editing process becomes really good. If you go for a paid version of the PDF viewer in such a case you will get a lot of advanced options for yourself and the features provided can really assist you in your work.  

  • Xodo PDF Viewer and Editor

It uses the support of Google Drive so that you can view and edit your PDF’s the way you want them. 

It allows you with a lot of functions like you can edit text, highlight or markup lines along with merging the desired documents. It is also very compatible with Adobe Acrobat and would allow you to annotate the PDF with others on a real-time basis. 

There are other alternatives to Adobe acrobat for Chromebook that is available.  Some of these are

  • PDF Split!

If you have a job where you need to separate pages from your PDF and save them separately for other purposes, then the work can be down effectively by PDF split. 

  • Soda PDF Online

Here you can edit your PDF at the time when you are online. You just need to create an account absolutely for free and it would allow viewing your file on cloud-based storage.  You can also add passwords to your documents.

Some Final Words

Once you are clear with your own purpose than it wouldn’t be difficult for you to go through these and pick up the one that suits your work module best. Moreover, you can also download more than one of them of your function is not fulfilled by one and use according, as per your need at that time. 


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