When Is The New iPhone Coming Out

Apple Global Meeting was going to be released and taken in march 2020 but due to corona virus impact, this meetup has been cancelled. There are also rumors about new iPhone 9 and iPhone 12’s releasing delay. Read our article carefully to understand the whole situation.

When Will New iPhone Coming Out After Corona Crisis?

apple wwdc 2020 is surely going to be cancelled due to global outrage and crisis from corona virus. one-plus has also cancelled their event and media consultation in the late of feb 2020. there will be surely delay in the new iphone’s released date.

when is the new iphone coming out

Mobile World Congress has also been cancelled due to virus impact globally. MWC is the biggest festival of mobiles and cellular technologies. companies from different countries shows off their latest technology in the mobile world.

New iPhones Release Time will get delayed

unfortunately, new iphone will be late for sales and distribution due to global crisis. China is the main source of apple to produce and distribute of iphones on the world level. China won’t communicate the world through shipments till the May 2020 or we can say middle of the 2020. Even Facebook, Microsoft and all the big tech heads have cancelled their upcoming brand, product and services releases and global conferences.

So there must be very late release of new iphones in 2020. People are waiting to get the new iphone 9 which will budget iPhone from apple.

Does Manufacturing From India Could Fast The Process?

well, its hard to tell. first of all, its really hard to migrate the whole production firm from china to india. although it won’t be as tough for apple as the figures are describing cause apple has funding and technology as well. But there are few points that apple is considering before the migration.

  1. India is tax-weighted country
  2. Labour will be cheap but there is no surety of anti-corruption
  3. Politics in India seems to be bad

How much delayed in the new iphone releases?

we can not say yet. pray for corona’s less impact. if there is lethal spread of corona then we are sorry but there will no iphones in this year. hope for the best. hope corona goes away so we can buy our new iphones with latest technologies like facetime and be together with our loved ones.