Xbox Game Pass for PC Different Xbox and Subscription Details

Nowadays video games are very popular among children. They play it either on smartphones or on their computer, on laptops, etc. While some of these games are free, some are expensive and not free.

These are premium games with high-quality features. Such games are bought from online stores or the official website of the games. Some games can be accessed with the monthly or quarterly or yearly subscriptions as well. Xbox Game Pass for PC is also a subscription offered by Microsoft only for the games developed by them. Doing this subscription, you can get access to multiple premium quality games.

Along with the subscription you are also provided Xbox One to be installed on your PC. In the application, you will get games and their passes to play them. There are many types of Xbox such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, etc. Each one of them has different specifications and features.

It is very different than PlayStation although both are used for gaming. Some of the components are controllers, remotes, a digital DVD-ROM box, input-output cables, etc.

How to Install and Play Xbox Games on PC


xbox for pc

The process is very easy and you just need to follow a few steps after doing the subscription. The steps are given below:

  • At first, download the beta version of Xbox from the official website.
  • Install the set-up file on your PC.
  • Tick on the box showing Terms and Conditions.
  • Now click on ‘Take me to the games’ and you will be directed to the gaming interface.
  • At the top right corner, you will see the sign-in options. Use your Microsoft account.
  • Now download any game you wish to play.

With the latest operating system of Windows 10, the beta version of Xbox is also available to play games on it.

Features of Different Types of Xbox

As mentioned earlier there are many types of Xbox. If you are game addicted, you may not stop at a single Xbox. Although you have to use Xbox Game Pass for PC in all the premium games. Yet knowing the differences between them is important before buying them.

Special Features of Microsoft Xbox 360

  • It uses a custom version of the triple-core PowerPC Chip from IBM.
  • It has very good gaming speed with fast graphics.
  • It supports high definition screen resolution for gaming.
  • The RAM it uses is of 512Megabyte which is eight times more than the conventional version of Xbox.
  • The 32-bit audio input processor helps in better auditory output with Dolby Digital sound support.
  • With wireless controllers, it saves you from the cable, cords.
  • Hard drives provided with the box helps in storing photos, music, and videos.
  • It has Ethernet ports for connecting broadband so that you can enjoy smooth gaming.
  • With three USB ports, you can connect external devices as well.

Specifications of Xbox One S

  • It has an HDMI 2.0 port version which can give an output of 4K resolution at 60Hz.
  • Two USB ports are there for audio output and IR connection.
  • Ethernet ports are also present for broadband connectivity.
  • It has IR Blaster which is beneficial for operating other devices such as TV, amplifier, etc.
  • The deal-breaker feature is the additional 2TB drive storage. It lets you store many high-profile games and other media as well.
  • It is built with an eight-core AMD custom CPU with 1.75GHz clock speed.
  • The 8GB DDR3 RAM brings in further improvements in performance.
  • The HDR option also gives you better viewing facilities. No matter how improved the graphical interface any game has, you can easily enjoy them.

Features of Xbox One X

If you are a pro gamer, you will definitely be eager to know the specifications of Xbox One X. This is because it is so far the best version available by Microsoft.

Whatever the lacks were in the Xbox One S is not at all present in this. So with an Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can enjoy premium games with the best outputs.

  • Like the Xbox One S, it also has an eight-core CPU but with 2.3GHz clock speed. So it is a powerhouse for gaming.
  • The RAM is 12GB GDDR5 which is way better than the other versions of Xbox
  • The 1172MHz GPU gives you unbelievable computing and gaming experiences.
  • Native 4K resolution output is also provided. Whereas the Xbox One S can only play upscale 4K streaming.
  • The built-in 4K Blu-ray player lets you stream 1080p blue ray streaming.
  • It has HDR10 playback format which supports Dolby Vision video streaming.
  • The one negative point is that it is limited to 1TB storage which is lower than the Xbox One S.
  • Like the One S, it has two HDMI ports and two USB ports as well.
  • Ethernet and audio output connection ports are also the same as the Xbox One S.
  • It has a darker gamepad.
  • Gaming outputs are 60fps which is very satisfying.

Subscription Details of Xbox Game Pass for PC

The monthly subscription charges are as less as $5. You can also subscribe to the beta version which costs $1 for the first month. There are also special member discounts and deals to be explored.

You will never feel boring as Microsoft keeps on adding games of multiple categories. Action, adventure, strategy, mystery, and many more different types of games you can play with the subscription.

Being an Xbox member the company gives you a 20% additional discount on game purchases. There are also other interesting discounts on game add-ons.


So, as a professional PC gamer we always feel the need for something new, something updated. And Microsoft has been constantly developing the gaming infrastructure, hardware, software, etc. And one of such initiatives is the availability of Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription.

As there are many versions of Xbox, so we have tried to discuss in brief the specifications of the most used Xboxes. We hope that you will find this article helpful. Kindly share your experience in the comment section. It will help us to improve in the upcoming days.


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